Bubbles in Disneyland

There is something amazing about bubbles to children.  Add them to Disneyland, and you have a truly magical experience.  During our recent visit to Disneyland over the Fourth of July we purchased my daughter her first handheld bubble blower in the park. 

Bubbles in Disneyland

One of the first things my daughter noticed from the tram in the morning was bubbles floating by as we made our way to the park entrance.  We surprised her by stopping by the Fantasy Faire Gifts booth to purchase her first bubble blower.  

Bubbles in Disneyland (5)

The light up bubble blower is packaged with batteries and bubble solution.  

Bubbles in Disneyland (2)

The very friendly cast member at the counter offered to remove the packaging and set up the bubble blower.  She completely assembled the bubble blower and handed it to my daughter.

Bubbles in Disneyland (4)

A few seconds later my daughter was amazed by the magic of bubbles in Disneyland.

Bubbles in Disneyland (6)

Do your children notice the bubbles in Disneyland too?

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