Back to School Effortless Meals

We officially survived our first week back to school. My daughter was so excited to start kindergarten this week. She came home even more excited to tell me all about the fun in her classroom each day. By the end of the week we were all exhausted from the excitement. A new routine without the ability to nap during the day has worn her out. With last minute school supplies to purchase and other errands with my daughter after school this week, we could all use a break from our normal dinner routine.  My brother was recently deployed to Afghanistan and I was able to share a coke with him before he left. The Coca-Cola company helped my family make great memories together before my brother went to serve our country overseas so I was elated when they contacted me about their new Effortless Meals partnership with Walmart. Tonight instead of cooking, I’m turning to Walmart and Coca-Cola for one of their Effortless Meals.


This week I shopped at Walmart and purchased Coca-Cola products and Effortless Meals. By purchasing both you can unlock My Coke Rewards bonus points to use for anything from products to gift cards and even travel accommodations. You can even use the points to make a donation to a school. Give yourself a break from cooking dinner with Effortless Meals and add up some points to help your child’s school! The Walmart meal deals vary and include prepared sandwiches, rotisserie chicken, and pizzas. I picked up a Marketside 16″ take and bake cheese pizza from the deli area and was looking forward to an easy night after our long first week back to school. 


My daughter likes cheese pizza but I wanted to add some fresh veggies to the adult side of the pizza so I picked up tomatoes and mushrooms from Walmart too. 


It took just a few minutes to chop the veggies and add them to half of the pizza. 


Then I put the pizza in the oven and dinner was ready before I had the table set. 


My daughter enjoyed a glass of milk and a slice of cheese pizza. My husband and I had a couple of slices with veggies and added a cold glass of Coca-Cola making it the perfect ending to a long week back to school.   


I know we’ll be seeing more Effortless Meals in our home while we transition to our back to school schedule. Next week I plan to make chicken tacos with a prepared rotisserie chicken. I’ll be using My Coke Rewards to help my daughter’s school earn items on their wish list!

What are you doing to make the transition to a back to school schedule easy for your family?

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Disclosure: I received compensation from the Coca-Cola company for this post. All opinions are entirely my own.

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