You’re not you when you’re pregnant – pregnancy behavior apology card with SNICKERS®

Pregnancy comes with so many joys while planning for the arrival of your new baby. Preparing the nursery, tiny baby laundry, and selecting a name are all parts of the experience I have enjoyed. Feeling your baby move for the first time while pregnant is another exciting moment. But as your hormone levels are changing and growing that sweet baby is using up every little bit of energy you have, you might find yourself not feeling quite like yourself. I have had an amazing pregnancy with absolutely no difficulties. But now with just a few days until my due date I can’t sleep, my body hurts, and everything agitates me. Because you’re not you when you’re pregnant, I made some fun pregnancy behavior apology cards with SNICKERS® to hand out in my final days of pregnancy and at the hospital after my baby girl arrives.


We have all seen those awesome SNICKERS® commercials asking “Who are you when you’re hungry?” My most favorite features the Brady Bunch and Marcia’s transition back to herself after eating a SNICKERS®.

I can relate when I’m hungry but being pregnant has taken that to an entirely new level for me. I’m hungry, hot, and not able to sit, stand, or walk without some kind of physical pain endured. I recently went on a date with my husband to see a movie. At nine months pregnant I was so excited for our first date night without our six year old daughter since we found out we were expecting a baby. We arrived early, bought popcorn, and went to find a seat. My husband went to the restroom while I was supposed to find a seat for us. As I was walking down a row targeting the middle seats, I stumbled holding a completely full bag of buttery popcorn, movie theater popcorn with excessive oily butter pumped directly on top. That bag of popcorn somehow tipped and half the bag was thrown on the woman seated directly in front of me. The best most buttery part of the popcorn was now all over her head. I stood there shocked by what had just happened. The “oooooohhhhh” from everyone in the theater didn’t help. And why was my husband taking so long leaving me there to deal with this all alone? The woman turned around and in my attempt of an apology, angrily interrupted me to say, “It’s okay, we have kids.” I didn’t know what to do so I apologized again and sat down directly behind her. Could this get worse? YES. As I sat down the rest of my popcorn bag fell over and spilt into her seat. The lights went out, I sat down, and my husband arrived shortly after. This was clearly not my best night. It probably wasn’t a good night for the poor woman with butter and popcorn all over her head either. We both could have used a SNICKERS® in that moment. I have a few other stories where my behavior has not been favored, all situations I can look back and laugh about when I’m no longer pregnant. For now I’m going to be fully prepared for these anticipated outbursts over the next few days. SNICKERS® to the rescue!


Pregnancy behavior apology card with SNICKERS® tutorial 



Print the pregnancy behavior apology card on your home printer, cut paper in half, and attach SNICKERS® with glue dots. Stash a few in your purse, bring them to your appointments, and definitely pack them in your hospital overnight bag for when you go into labor. I fully expect to be handing out quite a few of these over the next few days and at the hospital when my daughter finally arrives! 


If you’d rather make yourself feel better by eating a SNICKERS® instead of handing out an apology card, that’s okay too; you’re growing a human after all.


For anyone offended by my not so me behavior this week, truly I’m sorry. Go eat a SNICKERS® and accept my apology! 


What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done while pregnant? Don’t be embarrassed; you’re not you when you’re pregnant!

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