A Christmas Story fan holiday essentials

The iconic film playing in my home hundreds of times each holiday season has created countless family memories. I’ve loved A Christmas Story for as long as I can remember watching holiday films with my family. The 1983 Christmas comedy is loved by so many and I know I’m not alone in proclaiming to be the ultimate fan. In our neighborhood every year there is a home with a leg lamp displayed in the front window. Although I would love to have that exact lamp in my home shining brightly from our window during the holiday season, it would feel odd knowing the same display is just down the street…and they had it first. So instead, this year I’ll be proclaiming my love for A Christmas Story with the A Christmas Story” Deck the Home Laser Light. I received a complimentary projector and can’t wait to get our home decorated to share my love for my favorite holiday film. My favorite A Christmas Story fan holiday essentials include the projector, board game and obviously, the movie, so you can watch it over and over this holiday season!

A Christmas Story Fan Holiday Essentials

The A Christmas Story (affiliate link) DVD should be in every home for the holidays. It’s watched weekly in our home from Thanksgiving through New Year’s and sometimes I watch it for a pick me up in the summer and spring too.

A Christmas Story fan holiday essentials movie

When you’re not watching A Christmas Story, you should be playing the board game and testing your ultimate fan trivia knowledge. A Christmas Story-The Board Game (affiliate link) challenges even the biggest fans with trivia questions like, “What book is Ralphie’s class reading?” Leg lamp player markers and a board covered in nostalgic photos from the film makes this great for holiday family game nights.

A Christmas Story fan holiday essentials board game

The A Christmas Story” Deck the Home Laser Light is the quickest and most easy way to transform your home into the ultimate A Christmas Story fan’s holiday display. 

A Christmas Story fan holiday essentials laser lights

The laser light easily stakes into the ground in front of your home and displays seven different images from the movie. You can choose to rotate through the images or if you love one more than the others, like the leg lamp, you can project your favorite onto your home this entire holiday season. The remote allows you to control the settings from inside your home. The images cover up to 5,000 square feet with 1,000 points of red and green lights. With over 8,000 hours of energy efficient light, you’ll want to share your love for A Christmas Story proudly for the entire neighborhood to enjoy.

A Christmas Story fan holiday essentials outdoor decoration

Our home will soon be covered in holiday lights but the best addition to this year’s lights is by far, the A Christmas Story projector. With or without additional lights, the projector is amazing! It’s the perfect solution to holiday lights without the hassle of putting them up on your home. Decorating your home can be expensive and if you’re looking for more than just a few strings of lights you can easily overspend. The A Christmas Story” Deck the Home Laser Light is a great deal for just $100.

A Christmas Story fan holiday essentials outdoor laser lights

Are you ready for this holiday season with A Christmas Story fan holiday essentials?

A Christmas Story fan essentials

The “A Christmas Story” Deck the Home Laser Light is now available for purchase from deckthehome.com and Amazon.

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