My Daughter

My daughter, Gabriella, is the inspiration behind Brie Brie Blooms. At just eight years old she is a smart, witty, sweet little girl with great ambitions. She is the SeaWorld Guest Kid Blogger and enjoys sharing how together we can make a difference for animals and the ocean.

Gabriella Arizona Kid Blogger

During her preschool graduation, she declared she wants to be a sea lion trainer when she grows up. Now in second grade, she still wants to be a sea lion trainer!

SeaWorld San Diego sea lion love

Gabriella has a strong love for animals and is also quite intrigued by bugs and insects. Her creepy crawly birthday party was a favorite and her pets including a Siberian Husky, two cats and a hedgehog names Skittles get plenty attention from her at home.

Creepy Crawly Birthday Party entertainment, Madagaskar hissing cockroaches

We live in Arizona but spend quite a bit of time in Southern California. Naturally, Gabriella also has a great love for Disney!

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort Carlsbad Disneyland

Gabriella is excited to be learning another language in her Mandarin Immersion class this year. She also enjoys riding her bike, rock climbing, playing with friends and her pets, and reading animal science books. 

My daughter is the very first kid blogger to contribute to the Inside SeaWorld blog!

SeaWorld Kid Blogger

My Adventures Learning about Animals at SeaWorld

Contact Gabriella, the Phoenix based kid blogger, through her mommy Heather at Brie Brie Blooms.