Free Printable Child Dive Log

Our family recently traveled to Kauai, Hawaii with ResorTime. We were invited to a complimentary stay at the Hanalei Bay Resort for an entire week and our adventures included a long list of diverse activities. We visited many different beaches and my seven year old daughter discovered the joys of snorkeling in the beautiful clear water full of marine life. At the suggestion of a favorite marine biologist friend, I made her a child dive log so she could accurately document her Read More... {Read More...}

Kauai Smith Family Garden Luau, Hawaii Family Travel

The Kauai Smith Family Garden Luau, found just beyond the Wailua River, is an excellent cultural experience and great for families with young children. My husband and I have attended several different luaus while visiting Hawaii in the past; our favorite so far is the Smith Family Garden Luau. The spacious garden offers a great area for exploration and the ability for your children to run out all their giggles instead of having to sit quietly in a chair for the evening. Over seven days I Read More... {Read More...}

Kauai Glass Beach, Hawaii family travel

We just came home from an incredible family vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. We had many activities planned before our arrival but also made sure we had time to explore the island. One of our favorite stops was made on our last day to the Kauai Glass Beach. I had read about it in a few travel guides and knew my seven year old daughter would love learning about a beach full of glass pebbles and washed up soft and rounded remnants of debris thrown into the ocean many years ago. While some of the Kauai Read More... {Read More...}