DIY Macaroni Penguin Costume

This Halloween we've already had a few events requiring family costumes. With a busy schedule at home and a month full of travel I quickly put together easy DIY family costumes. We'll be attending the SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular wearing easy DIY macaroni penguin costumes. My daughter loves the silly orange and feather tassles adorning the top of the hoodies. Easy DIY Macaroni Penguin costume tutorial Supplies: black hoodie or hooded sweatshirt white Read More... {Read More...}

Sharks – SeaWorld San Diego shark encounter

One of our favorite attractions to visit at SeaWorld San Diego is the shark encounter. During a recent visit to the park we spent time with assistant curator of fishes, Mike Price, and learned more about the shark encounter exhibit. Already loving seeing the beautiful sharks, we enjoyed learning about how the fish are cared for at the park. The 280,000 gallon exhibit is home to a variety of sharks including sand tiger, bonnethead, blacktip and whitetip reef sharks. The SeaWorld San Diego shark Read More... {Read More...}

Family Waterpark Fun at Aquatica San Diego

Living in Arizona my family frequently visits water parks during the summer. With experience from several different local parks, we were impressed by all the features of Aquatica San Diego. The water park is located just half an hour from SeaWorld® San Diego and is designed for family fun with a tropical resort atmosphere. During our visit, my daughter had a great time learning from the animal exhibits, riding water slides, playing in the wave pool, and relaxing. Our Read More... {Read More...}

The truth about the SeaWorld soak zone

My family visits SeaWorld® San Diego frequently because of the many learning opportunities there for my daughter. If you've visited SeaWorld before you are probably familiar with the soak zone seating at the shows. The clearly marked rows of seats are always full of guests in the SeaWorld soak zone. I'm sharing the truth about the SeaWorld soak zone so you can decide if it's the appropriate place for you to sit during your next family visit.  We recently visited SeaWorld Read More... {Read More...}

Dine with Shamu SeaWorld San Diego, gourmet dining while learning about killer whales

With a love for animals and spending time at SeaWorld, our family recently enjoyed a gourmet meal while learning about killer whales at Dine with Shamu® in SeaWorld San Diego. The  experience was another great educational opportunity for my daughter to learn about the killer whales at SeaWorld San Diego. Dine with Shamu SeaWorld San Diego is an excellent way to observe killer whales and learn about how they interact. With many different seating options, you Read More... {Read More...}

Killer Whales at SeaWorld San Diego: a whale trainer’s first hand experience

I grew up visiting SeaWorld® San Diego with my family. Living in Arizona, far from the ocean, visiting SeaWorld was the only opportunities I had as a child to see and learn about marine animals. As a child I spent time learning about killer whales at SeaWorld so I was elated by the opportunity to spend time with a whale trainer and hear her firsthand experience working there.  My daughter looks forward to our frequent SeaWorld visits because she has developed a great interest Read More... {Read More...}

Learning about sharks and cleaner fish at SeaWorld San Diego

We have had many great visits full of learning opportunities at SeaWorld® San Diego. Recently we were invited to learn about conservation in a series of animal interactions. Learning about sharks and cleaner fish at SeaWorld San Diego was a great experience.  Sharks are one of the most fascinating creatures in the ocean. They can inhabit nearly all bodies of water and are adapted for a wide range of aquatic environments. Different types of sharks can live in shallow coastal waters, Read More... {Read More...}

Learning about Sea Lions at SeaWorld San Diego (conservation and care)

My daughter has been fascinated by sea lions from our very first visit to  SeaWorld® San Diego with her as an infant. We have visited the park many times to learn and spent countless hours feeding the sea lions at SeaWorld San Diego. With abundant learning opportunities and great family memories made, I fully support my daughter's desire to visit frequently. Recently SeaWorld SanDiego invited our family to the park to learn about sea lion conservation efforts and the care of Read More... {Read More...}

I choose to support SeaWorld

I love that we live in a country where our opinions can be shared and celebrated. Public service announcements and protesters passionate behind their cause is normal in our society. This blog has opened the door for many friendships and opportunities to learn. I do not judge others for their opinions. While we might not agree I respect your point of view and expect that same level of respect from you when you visit my space. The common courtesy is sometimes overlooked when someone feels so Read More... {Read More...}

Experience gourmet dining at SeaWorld® San Diego

While attending SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration in San Diego last week we were able to spend some time learning about the new dining options. Executive Chef Axel Dirolf has made great changes to the park menus and is introducing a new way to experience gourmet dining at SeaWorld® San Diego. Your amusement park dining expectations will be rocked by the new approach with fresh food and bold flavors. We were treated to a dining experience with Chef Axel featuring some of the new Read More... {Read More...}