Non Alcoholic Holiday Drinks


Check out Non Alcoholic Holiday Drinks by Brie Brie Blooms at Whether you're throwing a party, hosting a few friends, or having a fun family night a good recipe collection of non alcoholic holiday drinks is essential. I'll be trying some new recipes this year for family game nights and probably be enjoying a few more while I'm in my home office during the day. Being pregnant this season certainly has its perks and festive yummy drinks are a new indulgence for Read More... {Read More...}

SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration, San Diego 2014


Last year was my daughter's first visit to SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration. We enjoyed the snow, shows, and family fun so much and couldn't wait to go back for this year's celebration. We visited SeaWorld many times this year but the holidays are always a great time to spend at the park. Last year we were amazed by an introduction to how the park makes gourmet dining accessible to all guests and were again completely impressed by the dining options during SeaWorld's Christmas Read More... {Read More...}

California Family Travel – Paradise Point San Diego


The five hour drive to San Diego from Arizona is never an inconvenience because my family enjoys spending time in Southern California and my daughter loves every opportunity to be at the beach. During a recent visit to SeaWorld, we stayed at the Paradise Point Resort in San Diego. The beautiful property is a lush tropical getaway completely taking you away from the sounds of the city. From the moment you drive onto the property you are surrounded by palm trees and lush greens. The resort is Read More... {Read More...}

Essential Oils introduction to managing your families health (giveaway)


When I first heard of essential oils as a means to compliment medical treatments I was skeptical. Really skeptical. But the more I read and heard first hand accounts from friends I considered exploring an essential oils introduction. The oils can be used aromatically, topically, or internally and with so much educational information available, I felt quite overwhelmed when I began my journey to learn more. Then I had a consultation with Live Well with Adele and felt completely comfortable Read More... {Read More...}

10 tips for a great visit to The North Pole Experience (Flagstaff, Arizona)


We recently visited The North Pole Experience in Flagstaff, Arizona with Over the Top Mommy and her family. While it was a fun experience and I had read The North Pole Experience's FAQ page, knowing a few more things could have helped us plan our family adventure. I'm sharing my best 10 tips for a great visit to the The North Pole Experience. Keep in mind depending on weather and the needs of your family, each visit will be completely unique.   10 tips for a great visit to The Read More... {Read More...}

Family holiday photos at Balboa Pier, California

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For the past few years I've worked with the same photographer for our family holiday photos and have been extremely happy. I was pretty disappointed this year when I realized my very favorite family photographer that my family had grown to love so much moved out of state. Sarah Grace was wonderful to work with for our family photos 2012 and 2013. Sarah took the time to get to know our family and provided us with so much more than just pretty pictures. This year I was on a mission for a new Read More... {Read More...}