Ways to save on time and healthcare costs for teachers


Calling out sick from my classroom is the absolute last thing I ever want to do. There is too much going on in the classroom for the teacher to miss days and I would much rather take over the counter medication to make myself feel better than stay home and try to schedule an appointment with the doctor. With the Healthcare Clinic Phoenix it’s easy for me to see a healthcare professional before I’m so sick that staying home during the week is necessary.

Although most employers would much rather prefer you stay home instead of spreading germs at work, most teachers have a high level of work ethic that prevents us from calling out when we probably should. Finding a substitute, interrupting lesson plans, and all those kiddos missing you while you’re out is not something teachers look forward to. Knowing the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic is nearby and has appointments available definitely makes it easier to start feeling better before you’re too sick to teach in your classroom. 


The Walgreens Healthcare Clinic can address most of your healthcare concerns. In addition to helping you quickly bounce back from common illnesses, you can also save time with the variety of other services offered. Vaccinations, physicals, and appointments for minor injuries are all covered at the clinic.


Every teacher dreads the day they wake up with a cough and runny nose. Knowing it is probably only going to get worse, the best thing to do is make an appointment that day. The likelihood of me getting an appointment at my doctor’s office on the same day I call is pretty low. With the Healthcare Clinic Phoenix, I’m able to walk in with out scheduling an appointment. Wait times are usually less than 20 minutes and I can easily stop by after school on the first day I’m not feeling well. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment time or look at your local clinic’s current wait times online.


Scheduling your appointment online is easy and could be done from school during your lunch.

Walgreens-Healthcare-Clinics-open-7-days-and-weeknightsWith my daughter active in a few different after school activities, sometimes a late afternoon appointment during the week isn’t an option in our busy schedule. The Healthcare Clinic Phoenix has appointments into the early evening and on weekends. With the clinic just minutes away from my house, my daughter and her dad can work on dinner while I go to my appointment.


Most insurance plans are accepted at the clinic and you can easily verify coverage online prior to your appointment or planned visit. If you don’t have insurance, most of the services at the clinic are priced lower than traditional offices, urgent care facilities,and hospitals. 


With treatment available for patients 18 months and older, the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic is an option for my entire family.


When I make an appointment at my doctor’s office, it is very rare that I get to actually see the doctor. The same goes for my daughter’s pediatrician’s office. Same day appointments almost never are an option and the soonest availability is almost always with a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. There’s no reason to extend your wait when you can see the same quality healthcare provider at the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic. You will receive a follow up call from the clinic 48 hours following your appointment and they can assist you in finding a primary care physician or specialist if additional care is necessary.


Going to the doctor and hearing a suggestion for over the counter medication is frustrating and means you need to add a time consuming stop at the pharmacy on your way home. If you require prescription medication, not only do you have to stop at the pharmacy, but you have to wait until your prescription has been sent over by your doctor first. On more than one occasion my doctor’s office has told me the prescription was faxed to the pharmacy and when I went to pick up my medicine nothing had been sent over. When your child is sick the last thing you want to do is stop at a store or pharmacy on your way home. At the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic your prescription will be filled at the end of your appointment. If you need to pick up over the counter medication or other items to feel better, you can do that before you are on your way home.

With approximately 400 clinics nationwide, it’s likely that you can visit Walgreens Healthcare Clinics when you start feeling ill before it gets to the point of a necessary sick day from your classroom.


Saving time and healthcare costs for teachers has never been easier with the help of the Healthcare Clinic Phoenix. Learning about the #HealthcareClinic for this post sponsored by #CollectiveBias was easy. Explore the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic website to get all your questions answered.

Are you a teacher that absolutely refuses to take a sick day until it’s absolutely necessary too?

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