Valentine’s Day alien pops with outer space valentines

Cardstore valentines disclosure

Earlier this week I shared classroom valentines ideas with unique valentines from Cardstore. I recently ordered Outer Space valentines and created an alien pop treat for my daughter to hand out with the cards at her preschool classroom party. The treats were fun to make and I loved not having to spend hours crafting our own valentines. 

Valentine's Day alien pops with Cardstore's outer space valentines


  • large marshmallows (I used Kraft vanilla & chocolate flavored swirled marshmallows)
  • white chocolate melting chips
  • green food coloring
  • black gel frosting
  • rainbow and heart sprinkles
  • candy eyes (not pictured)
  • sucker sticks 

Valentine's Day alien pops ingredients

Melt the chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir, and repeat until chocolate is creamy consistency. Add food color to achieve desired shade of green and stir. Place marshmallow on sucker stick and dip into warm chocolate (hot chocolate will melt the marshmallows). Hold marshmallow over chocolate and let excess drip back into bowl.

dipping mashmallow in green chocolate

Place alien pops head down on a paper towel covered in sprinkles. While pops are drying decorate with eyes and heart sprinkles. Add small dots of black gel for mouths. 

upside down Valentine's Day alien pops

Turn the pops upright when chocolate is completely dry. 

Valentine's Day alien pops

My daughter can’t wait to put the alien pops in treat bags and hand them out with her Outer Space valentines at her preschool classroom party next week.

Cardstore Outer Space valentines

Customizing your valentines is easy at Cardstore. Simply log into your free account, select a card, and personalize. The kids valentines are printed on a 5″x7″ card with four individual classroom sized valentines. Each small valentine on the card can be customized with a different photo. From princesses to ninja turtles, Cardstore has school valentines for every child.

Order your valentines from Cardstore by the end of day February 7 to guarantee delivery for Valentine’s Day. Learn more about Cardstore by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out their Pinterest boards. 

If you’re looking for a great idea for your child’s teacher, see the easy personalized cards from cardstore I made.

Do your kids have friends that would love an alien pop treat in their Valentine’s Day mailbox at school?

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