Vacationing with preschool aged kiddos – quick tips for road trips {avoiding a meal time mess}

Last week we had a couple of days off of school for spring break.  We took a really fun road trip to California.  Some of our favorite vacation spots are in California and we usually drive when we spend time there.  This week I’ll be sharing the fun we had in addition to a few tips to make road tripping with a preschooler a little easier.  I’ll also be sharing how I save money on road trips too.

My first tip this week comes from too much time spent at the car wash while on vacation.  Who wants to spend time and money at a car wash to clean up spilt milk (literally)?  Not me.  We normally have a strict “no food in the car” policy but we certainly bend that rule on vacation.  We keep a big plastic container in the car for meal time to avoid messy spills.
Brie Brie Blooms, Vacationing with preschool aged kids, #vacation #springbreak #traveltips

The plastic container doesn’t need to be anything fancy!  You can make it fun by drawing on the bottom with a permanent marker or dressing it up with stickers.  

Brie Brie Blooms, Vacationing with preschool aged kids, #vacation #springbreak #traveltips (2)

Come back for more quick tips this week!

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