Unicorn Desk Organizer | DIY Pen Holder

Unicorn Desk Organizer

When we were selling our home last year and moving we organized every room for staging. We didn’t purchase any new furniture as we moved into our new home and after almost being here for a full year, finally all the boxes are unpacked and rooms are situated. Our daughter recently got a room makeover with matching furniture and a new desk. Creating a perfect space for her was easy with a complimentary desk from Wikibuy and we have a short list of items we would like to add for bedroom organization. We also used recycled items to make a unicorn desk organizer for pens and markers.

Upgrade your home office with a new desk and unicorn desk organizer. The DIY pen holder is a great addition to your space!

The unicorn desk organizer was a fun project and fits perfectly in my oldest daughter‘s bedroom. Her little sister is eyeing it and we’ll be making another this week with more plastic food containers we’ve been saving for crafts.

The unicorn desk organizer DIY pen holder is a great addition to your desk!

Prior to our move, our daughters rooms were full of years of unfinished crafts, art supplies, science projects and more. Staging children’s bedrooms takes an effort and piecing it all back together has been an enjoyable experience because she is actively involved in how she wants her room to look. We found a great price on a desk using Wikibuy by tagging the item and receiving alerts as the price dropped. It’s how we plan to shop for other household and office items as we continue getting every room transitioned to functional space.

DIY Pen Holder


  • multicolored yarn
  • fake flowers
  • glitter cardstock
  • glue gun
  • unicorn horn template
  • empty plastic food containers

Use a few craft supplies at home to make a unicorn desk organizer. Recycled plastic food containers make great craft project supplies.

Use the unicorn horn template to cut unicorn horns for your DIY pen holder. I uploaded the file to the Cricut Design Space and cut several 4″ unicorn horns on gold glitter cardstock. 

Make a glitter cardstock unicorn horn with Cricut Design Space for your unicorn desk organizer.

Wrap the multicolor yarn around the empty plastic food container securing with hot glue. Line a ring of glue around the container and carefully wrap with yarn.

Multicolor yarn wrapped around a plastic food container makes a fun unicorn desk organizer.

Glue unicorn horn to top of container then wrap bottom with yarn as you’re covering the entire DIY pen holder.

Wrap yarn around a plastic food container to make a unicorn desk organizer.

Embellish with flowers glued to the top of the unicorn desk organizer and down the back.

Decorate the unicorn desk organizer with flower embellishments. Add flower embellishments to the unicorn desk organizer made with plastic food containers.

Fill with markers and pens and place on your new desk.

Organize your pens and markers in a DIY unicorn desk organizer.Make a unicorn desk organizer for your home office.

Do you have a space in your home that could use an office makeover with a new desk and unicorn desk organizer too?

Learn more about how to find the best prices for everything online by connecting with Wikibuy on Facebook and Twitter.  Make this fun unicorn desk organizer with recycled plastic food containers.

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  1. That is utterly fantastic! I need to do this and get my work area a little more magestic. Yes I know it’s misspelled. It’s a combo of magical and majestic.

  2. Whaaat? Pretty sure my desk is about to rock a unicorn on it! What a great way to recycle the plastic tubs and totally spruce up your office area!


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