Tinker Bell Kids Craft Paper Flowers

My daughter absolutely adores Tinker Bell and she is so excited for the new Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast DVD release March 3, 2015! We recently made a fun kids craft to celebrate and decorate during our family movie night when we purchase the DVD tomorrow. The Tinker Bell kids craft paper flowers are an easy kids craft and my daughter had so much fun getting creative.


Tinker Bell kids craft paper flowers tutorial:



1) Select four to six pieces of colorful tissue paper and cut them out to the same size. You can create small or large flowers with different sizes of tissue paper.

2) Fold your stack of tissue in half.

3) Fold your stack of tissue papers back and forth like an accordion.


4) Bend your pipe cleaner over the center of the stack twisting the short end around the long end to fasten. Cut the ends of the tissue paper to create flower petals.

Tinker-Bell-kids-craft-step 2

5) Carefully fan out your folded tissue papers on each side of the stem.

6) Gently separate the layers of tissue starting from the top.

7) Add an additional pipe cleaner to strengthen the stem and curl the ends to make your flower look like it came right from Pixie Hollow!


Place your flowers in a pretty vase before you watch the new Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast!

Watch me make the Tinker Bell kids craft paper flowers live on Arizona Midday to see just how quickly you can put these together.

Who is your favorite Tinker Bell movie character?

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