Interactive Art | The Scene Tempe, AZ


Interactive Art | The Scene Tempe, AZ

When a friend told me her family was opening an interactive art pop-up experience in Tempe, Arizona this month I was intrigued because we don’t have anything like this here. The concept is very urban and common in art districts but new to Arizona. We visited to experience The Scene earlier this week prior to today’s grand opening and definitely will be back to see it again soon. Just down the street from Arizona State University and a few doors from the Tempe Improv, I imagine The Scene filling up quickly as our college town gets curious about what’s behind the colorful windows.

I won’t spoil all the surprises but will say around every corner is a new room with a completely unique experience. The interactive art touches all your senses. You can touch things, pull things, throw things, write on things, feel texture, hear music, and giggle as you lose track of time.

You can watch a slinky spring back after you pull it.

You can share your New Year’s resolutions.

You can listen to your favorite music genre wearing provided headphones in the silent disco.

You can dance around the disco floor and be amazed by your reflection staring back at you.

You can swing in a flower room.

Or be excited you came here directly from your first ballet class where your mom actually forgot to take a picture.

You can open mystery doors.

You can even make a new friend like Paris the mini pig who was exploring The Scene while we were there.

You can take photos of symmetric displays.

Or you can hop in the middle of the display for a fun selfie.

You can play catch with plastic balls.

You can feel like a kid in a candy store.

No really, an amazing candy store.

You can watch lights and bubbles and ask all the science questions.

And of course, you can take as many amazing selfies as you want here.

Which room are you most excited to experience at The Scene?

The Scene is now open and tickets are available online or at the door. Learn more about The Scene by connecting with the interactive pop-up art experience on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Experience interactive art, the ultimate selfie experience, in Tempe, Arizona at The Scene.

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