Teacher Gift: Personalized Tote and Notebook Cover

Today was my daughter’s last day of summer preschool.  We planned to stay with the same wonderful teacher next year but recently learned she was leaving.  This morning I made her a personalized tote with matching notebook cover to thank her for being such a great teacher.

-scrap fabric
-iron on fabric fusing (I used Steam-A-Seam)
-blank tote

For the notebook I started by cutting a piece of fabric large enough to cover the book and fold over the cover.  The notebook used is standard size and the fabric I cut was 24″ x 11 1/2″.  

I planned to serge the edges but ended up using a zig zag stitch instead.  Either option is suitable.

I folded each side of the fabric over the cover by 4″ and then pinned in place.

A quick zig zag stitch down the sides and my project was almost done.

I trimmed the fabric edges neatly against the stitch.

A small blank tote purchased from a craft store was the perfect start to the matching set. 

I had scrap fabric that coordinated with the fabric used on the notebook cover and cut them into two strips. 

The two strips of fabric were sewn together using a basting stitch.  Then I pulled the strings on each end to make ruffles.  I pinned the ruffles on the bag and then sewed them in place.

Steam-A-Seam made it easy to add some personalization to the bag.  I drew the initial (mirrored image) on the back of the fusing that I had already ironed on the back of the fabric.

Next I ironed the letters directly onto the bag and notebook cover and stitched around the edges.

My daughter’s Say Anything Card was a great addition to the personalized gift.

I think her teacher loved it!

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