Sunday Showroom {a list of handmade pretties} #6

This week has been exceptionally difficult for me.  I’m so happy I took some time to put this list together.  I found some really great handmade pretties that completely lifted my mood.

When I need something to cheer me up I consistently turn to two things: coffee and chocolate.  I am in love with this coffee bean pendant.  I have seen quite a few variations but nothing like this before. 

Perfect Imperfections coffee lovers resin pendant

I’ve never tasted chips dipped in chocolate but I think discovering this product could start a seriously dangerous addiction for me.  I wish I had these earlier this week!

Sweet Sophia’s Creations sweet and salty chocolate covered potato chips

Sometimes a reminder to smile is really all it takes to turn a bad day around.  I would love to have this hanging in my bedroom!

iCraftee a smile is the prettiest thing
There’s a couple of places online I turn to when I want to feel inspired.  Ashley from The Shine Project is unbelievably amazing.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet her in person and she is every bit of incredible that she seems to be on her site.  She is making a difference by showing people we all have great potential.  Visiting her site is honestly enough to make a difference in your day.  I already own one of her necklaces, but wouldn’t it be nice to also have her motto hanging in my home?  PB&J Creations has partnered with The Shine Project and 10% of the proceeds from these signs go directly to Ashley’s scholarship fund.
PB&J Creations exclusive shine sign – The Shine Project

I hope these pretties are able to make you smile.  They sure put me in a happier place.

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