Sunday Showroom {a list of handmade pretties} #2

Each week I take a minute to show you some of my favorite pretties from handmade businesses.  This week I’m thinking of Mother’s Day and sharing things that would make a great gift.

I have always loved Lisa Leonard’s mama necklace!  I can’t decide if I need to buy this for my mom or if I need one for myself. 

Lisa Leonard’s Mama Necklace

These mom tattoo cookies are adorable and look delicious!

Picket Fence Confections Mother’s Day Sugar Cookies

How many times did we hear this growing up?  I’m pretty sure I’ve already started saying it too!  This would be a perfect print to gift.

Tina Blue Shoes Because I’m Your Mother 8″ x 10″ Print

I love this saying and it looks so pretty cut out in lime green.  If you aren’t a fan of the green, there are plenty of colors to choose from.

Spunky Fluff Home is Where Your Mom Is

Having a three year old that begs to bake cookies with me every single day has me loving these aprons.  The cupcake design is so cute.  

The Glam Finale Mother Daughter Cupcake Aprons

I had so much fun making this list because I love Mother’s Day.  It might be one of my favorite holidays.  Do you have plans for Mother’s Day yet?

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