SoFabU On The Road LA January 30, educational blogging conference

I’ve been blogging for years and have attended many conferences. The very first few conferences I attended I was nervous and unsure of what to expect. But as I started getting more comfortable with my new business endeavor, I stopped worrying about the silly things and started focusing on using conferences to learn and grow. It wasn’t until I joined the Social Fabric community that I truly felt supported and was able to build an awesome network of friends and peers also navigating their ways through the relatively new blogging realm. Through Social Fabric I was able to work with brands and learn how to be successful at blogging. I attended their first conference, SoFabCon, in Arkansas May 2013 and had an absolute blast. The connections I had made over that year working in their community turned into real life friendships and I knew I was committed to growing with Collective Bias. Since that first conference, I have grown from a blogger to a contracted Campaign Leader to a full time Campaign Coordinator. Earlier this year I attended SoFabCon 2014 as a Campaign Leader and set my goals even higher. Now as a Collective Bias employee I know I will continue to grow within this wonderfully supportive network. I’m so excited this year Collective Bias and the Social Fabric community has chosen to take their educational conference on the road. SoFabU On The Road has many stops throughout the country in 2015 and will be making it’s debut in Los Angeles January 30. I’ll be there and hope to see you there too! 


SoFabCon 2013 was an opportunity for me to meet the many different Social Fabric community members and Collective Bias employees I had worked with online. I learned so much and had fun with friends. 


Sara of Clever Pink Pirate and I in the Conair salon at SoFabCon 2013

I couldn’t wait for the next year and had just as much fun at SoFabCon 2014!


I reconnected with friends I had met the year before and enjoyed seeing how we had all grown professionally.


SoFabCon 2013: Sara (Campaign Leader), Tyler (Intern), and me (blogger);

SoFabCon 2014: Sara (Community Manager), Tyler (employee), me (Campaign Leader)

I enjoyed getting to engage with employees from all different areas of the company: Account Executives, Tech Support, and even our CEO. 


I also loved getting to connect with blogging friends!


Kelly of Texas Type A Mom and I having fun at SoFabCon 2014

There is only so much you can do on your own without a good support system. The Social Fabric community is truly the reason why I am where I am today. SoFabCon is just one of their many educational opportunities for social influencers. 

The conference wouldn’t be as much fun without the great community behind it. Where else can you go to learn about how to grow your blog and be a successful entrepreneur while having the best time with friends eager to see you succeed?


SoFabU On The Road is giving everyone across the country an opportunity to take part. Join us for a day of educational fun and hands on activities to inspire you as a blogger. You don’t have to be part of the Social Fabric community to attend but I promise, after you are embraced by the supportive community at SoFabU On The Road, you’ll want in on this awesome support system too!

Purchase your tickets to SoFabU On The Road LA for just $50 before January 1st. 

If you’re not in the LA area, check out the other locations we’ll be visiting.


Will I see you in LA for some SoFabU fun?

Learn more about SoFabU On The Road by connecting with the conference on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  1. That sounds like a great conference! I have the best memories from when we roomed together at SNAP! That was a fun weekend!


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