S’mores Bites Camp Recipe

Last weekend our family spent a few days camping.  We rented a cabin and had plenty of fun spending time away from the city.  Our cabin had a stove in the kitchen but most of our meals were prepared outside on the grill.  While my dad and husband were outside grilling I played in the kitchen and made dessert.  S’mores Bites were quick and yummy!

S'mores Bites camp recipeI had picked up a bottle of Betty Crocker’s Shake-N-Pour Chocolate Cupcake Mix in preparation for our weekend.  The Shake-N-Pour mixes are perfect for camping because preparing the mix is so easy.  You just add water and shake.  The other ingredients were already in my grocery cart because we planned to roast marshmallows and make s’mores over the weekend.


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1) Grease a mini cupcake pan and preheat your oven according to the cupcake mix instructions.

2) Prepare the cupcake mix by adding water and shaking.

My daughter was so excited to help by shaking the mix!

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3) Fill the mini cupcake pan with batter.  Top each cupcake with several marshmallows, a piece of chocolate, and crushed graham crackers.     

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4) Bake for approximately 15 minutes.  

*The cabin stove did not have the temperature marked.  I’m guessing our oven was preheated close to 350 degrees. S'mores Bites camp recipe (5)5) Remove the cupcakes from the oven and allow to cool.

Go outside and enjoy your tasty treat!  

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Do you have a favorite dessert camp recipe?

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