Scrap Paper Party Decoration

A couple of weeks ago I made a hanging decoration for the Arizona Pinterest Party.  I used scrap paper and spent only half an hour making the large decoration.

I looked through my stash of paper and pulled out about 20 red and turquoise pages to match our colors for the party.  

The pages were not double sided and I did not want half of the hanging decoration to be white so I cut the pages into strips (3″ x 4″) and folded each piece in half.  

Then I used my sewing machine to stitch all the paper together.  The crease of the paper is the side that should go through your sewing machine first.  Sew slowly and feed the strips of paper by hand.  You can make a pattern or just sew the papers in random order.  I had more red than turquoise and tried to evenly space the colors (one turquoise piece between two red pieces).

Be sure to leave a long tail at the end to hang your decoration.  You can start and stop several times if you know the desired length of your decoration.  I was unsure where it would be hanging at the party so I made one continuous piece.  To hang the decoration I simply cut the thread between the paper to make four individual hanging pieces.

These were hung in the center of the main room and looked great.

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