Scavenger Hunt at the Zoo

We love going to the Phoenix Zoo in the Spring.  The weather is absolutely perfect and we definitely make the most out of being outside before the summer heat arrives.  We have been visiting the zoo weekly and are enjoying seeing all the new baby animals.  A couple of weeks ago we visited with a friend and her four year old daughter.  She brought along an easy scavenger hunt for the girls to add a new educational element to our visit.  They loved checking off their lists and hunted for specific items throughout our entire zoo day.

Scavenger Hunt at the Zoo, Brie Brie Blooms (3)

Scavenger Hunt at the Zoo, Brie Brie Blooms (2)

This was such a fun way to add something different to our regular weekly zoo visit.  Making a scavenger hunt list is easy.  My friend added visuals because our daughters are only four years old.  Seeing the items on the list definitely assisted them on their search.  

This would be a great activity for older kids too.  How about a family scavenger hunt competition?  Fun!

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