How to save used wall decals for later use

Until very recently we had an adorable Finding Nemo bathroom in our home that my six year old daughter loved for many years. Sadly now that we are in the process of selling our home, we recently toned down the bathroom and painted over our favorite ocean wall. The wall had a fun mural with a wavy top and was covered in vinyl wall decals. The under the sea decals (similar, affiliate link) and Finding Nemo Self-Stick Room Appliqués (affiliate link) made this one of my daughter’s favorite rooms in our home. I plan to recreate the Finding Nemo bathroom in our new home and am up for painting again but certainly don’t want to replace all the decals. But how do you save used wall decals for later use? 


The Finding Nemo bathroom was full of so many memories with my daughter – using bath crayons in the tub when she was younger, getting ready for school in the morning, many afternoons spent giving each other silly makeovers – I love everything about this room in our home. Many times I would listen from the hall as she brought her favorite stuffed marine animals into the bathroom with her to pretend play next to the ocean wall. The hanging canvas of my daughters wearing their DIY shark week shirts for siblings is my very favorite.


The vanity and mirror is directly across from the ocean wall. Peeling off the “fish are friends, not food” decal was easy and I did not save the letters for later. Instead, I’ll simply recreate it with my Cricut when we are ready to decorate a new bathroom. I also moved my daughter’s headband and hair clip collection (hung on an upside down garden hanger) to her bedroom closet. 


How to save used wall decals for later use

1) Unroll parchment paper and place wall decals peeled from wall directly onto waxy side of paper. 


2) Roll parchment paper, decals facing inward, and secure with a rubber band. 


We painted over our blue ocean wall and added flowers to the vanity for a perfect show ready bathroom! 


Do you have wall decals in your home you want to remove and save for later?

4 thoughts on “How to save used wall decals for later use”

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My son loves Star Wars and I am so thankful that I don’t have to try to find them again!
    You just saved me!

  2. Thanks so much. I just recently put up some very expensive large ones up and now our landlord is selling the house and we have to move.

  3. We are moving from KY to CA and our kids have a paw patrol themed bathroom I was afraid of having to throw away their decals and I’m soo glad I found this, because now they have them for their new bathroom

  4. Thank you, thank you,thank you! My God daughter comes for the summer and I want to save her flowers and rainbow wall decals


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