Safari Shakers with buttons and Shamrock Farms bottles

As a preschool teacher, I’m always seeking frugal crafts that can incorporate music and movement in the classroom.  This week we are focusing on a safari theme and had fun making noisy shakers.

Safari Shakers with Shamrock Farms Bottles (2)

This project is fun for toddlers as well as older preschool aged children.


  • empty plastic milk bottles
  • buttons
  • stickers

Safari Shakers with Shamrock Farms Bottles (3)

If you’re working with older children, allow them to remove the plastic wrapper from the bottle.  With toddlers, this would be a teacher prep step before beginning the classroom project.

Have fun sorting buttons by shapes, sizes, or color.  Then drop them into the milk bottle. 

Safari Shakers with Shamrock Farms Bottles (4)

Next decorate the bottles with stickers.  The stickers add fun color to the bottles.  You can also use other craft supplies to decorate the bottles and incorporate any classroom theme.

Safari Shakers with Shamrock Farms Bottles

Now turn on some music and shake, shake, shake with your shakers!

For older children, you could turn this into a science experiment by using specific colors or shapes of buttons in each shaker.  The children would have so much fun figuring out if color and shape changes the sound in the shakers.

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