10 reasons you should own a mobile hotspot for Wi-Fi on the go

I can give you over 20 reasons why I thought I didn’t need a mobile hotspot. With internet access from my phone and Wi-Fi connections in almost every coffee shop, restaurant, and hotel, I wasn’t exactly sure why I would need to pay for my own mobile hotspot. Then I received a complimentary AT&T Unite for GoPhone by NETGEAR and my list of reasons why I didn’t need a mobile hotspot quickly turned to a long list of reasons you should own a mobile hotspot for Wi-Fi on the go.


10 reasons you should own a mobile hotspot for Wi-Fi on the go

I recall looking at options for a mobile hotspot with my cellular service provider and they didn’t seem to have any budget friendly options. My first mistake  in this process was I never bothered going to look elsewhere because of my existing contract with my current provider. AT&T makes is easy for everyone to have a mobile hotspot without the hassle of signing a service agreement. While I might be using a different provider for cellular service, my Wi-Fi on the go is coming from the AT&T Unite Prepaid device.

1) You can own a mobile hotspot without a service contract and monthly fee.

I didn’t anticipate using my mobile hotspot daily because I work from home and have a smart phone to use while I’m away from my home office. The ability to purchase data as I need it means I’m never spending on data I won’t use.

2) You can purchase data as you need it.


I’m a busy mom with a growing daily to do list. I didn’t take the time to visit a store to inquire about a mobile hotspot. With the AT&T Unite Prepaid, you don’t have to. 

3) You can order, activate, and add data online without ever having to visit a store in person.


The device is the same size as my iPhone and very lightweight. It easily fits into my purse for Wi-Fi on the go.

4) The mobile hotspot is small and lightweight.


During our most recent family vacation I decided it was okay to take a break and truly enjoy the time with my family while not worrying about work. Although I planned to not work while we were away from home, I did have a few necessary items  to get done before I could truly relax. We had a five hour road trip to California and using my mobile hotspot allowed me to almost completely finish my work before we made it to our destination. In between working, we played Family Feud online with my laptop to keep us entertained during the drive. 

5) Your mobile hotspot is great for work and play on long family road trips.


Before having my own mobile hotspot during our frequent road trips to California, I used my smart phone to play online games with my family. I was wasting our expensive cellular plan data and draining my phone battery.

6) Use your mobile hotspot to avoid wasting your cellular plan data and draining your cell phone battery.

During our family road trip we had other devices connected to the mobile hotspot too. My daughter was in the back seat using her iPad to play educational games and watch her favorite movies. With online access to the movies we previously purchased, there was no need to download them to her iPad before our family vacation.

7) Connect multiple devices to your mobile hotspot.


A secure internet connection is necessary to work online when I’m away from home. Counting on hotel Wi-Fi sometimes means I’m wasting time on a slow or bad connection. With the AT&T Unite Prepaid, I have a backup plan.

8) Use your mobile hotspot to connect from anwhere internet is available. 

I charged the hotspot device overnight before we left on our family vacation and used it for several hours during our road trip. The mobile hotspot had 86% battery life left when we arrived at our destination. The AT&T Unite offers up to 10 hours battery life on a single charge.

9) Mobile hotspot devices have a long battery life and the ability to charge in the car with a USB car charger.

Upon arrival we checked in to the Disneyland Hotel and went straight to Disneyland. I was able to finish my necessary work in the car and avoid using family vacation time.

10) Using a mobile hotspot for Wi-Fi on the go gives you more time to enjoy with your family.


Prior to owning my own for Wi-Fi on the go, I wasn’t sure why I needed a mobile hotspot. Now I’m not sure why I spent years without one. The AT&T Unite Prepaid is an excellent option if you have an existing cellular provider and don’t want to sign a new contract. With the ability to purchase data as you go, you’re not adding an extra expense unless you are using the service. 

How do you use your AT&T Unite Prepaid mobile hotspot to stay connected?

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary AT&T Unite for GoPhone by NETGEAR and prepaid data to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

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