Playing and Learning with LEGO Friends

Growing up with two brothers, I spent a lot of time playing with LEGO bricks.  I have really enjoyed seeing my daughter enjoying the fascination of LEGO bricks too.  She has been playing with building blocks for years, but we just recently purchased her very first real LEGO set. The LEGO Friends very quickly became one of her favorite activities in her play room.  She has been spending hours playing and learning with LEGO Friends.  

playing and learning with Lego Friends (4)

The Heartlake Vet play set has kept my daughter entertained for hours this week! 

playing and learning with Lego Friends (6)

With our summer vacation including a visit to LEGOLAND┬«, we knew it was time to get some LEGO bricks in our home.  My daughter had a tough time picking out her first play set because there  were so many fun options.  She was instantly drawn to the LEGO Friends with their bright colors and cute animals.  As soon as we were home my husband and daughter started constructing. 

playing and learning with Lego Friends (2)

The pieces are brightly colored and have so many lifelike details.   

playing and learning with Lego Friends

The inside of the office is full of everything you would find at the vet.  My daughter really enjoyed adding the fish stickers to the aquarium when she was setting up the office with my husband.

playing and learning with Lego Friends (5)

The horse, hedgehog, and puppy are included with the play set.  My daughter likes to give the horse a carrot treat and check up in the stable.

playing and learning with Lego Friends (3)

Playing and learning with LEGO Friends will be keeping us busy this summer!  I foresee many more LEGO bricks coming into our home this year.

How old were your kids when they started playing with LEGO bricks?

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