Design-A-Pizza they all will love for family time


Our family loves pizza but finding the perfect pie to satisfy our different topping preferences is always a challenge. My daughter prefers just cheese and occasionally pepperoni but my Italian husband likes a variety of toppings. Simply removing the toppings from the baked pizza is not sufficient for my picky daughter. We usually end up purchasing more than one pizza so she can have her own. Now with new DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza kits, we can bake one pizza at home that will give everyone in my family their favorite slice. Our family is already a fan of the DIGIORNO® pizza varieties and had a lot of fun creating a basketball pizza. I was really looking forward to using the new Design-A-Pizza kit for a family activity before dinner.


The new DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza kits include everything you need to make a perfect pizza for your entire family. I chose the spinach, tomato, and red onion with pepperoni kit for family time because there was something for each of us to design our favorite slice.


The fresh ingredients each come sealed in their own package. Easily mix and match to create the perfect pizza for your family time.


My daughter is graduating from preschool this week and we had family pizza night at home to celebrate. Design-A-Pizza was the perfect meal for our fun family time celebrating the final week of school. I used small cookie cutters to make pepperoni shapes for my daughter’s slice of pizza.


Together we arranged all the fresh toppings on the pizza to create our desired slices. 


Just 22 minutes later, our pizza was ready to come out of the oven for some family fun. All the baked toppings looked tasty and I had a hard time deciding which slice to taste first.


My daughter loved her “super star” themed slice!


We each had our own favorite and thought of new topping combinations for the next time we create dinner with a DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza kit.


The #Digiorno #DesignAPizza for this #CollectiveBias sponsored post was purchased from Walmart. New DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza kits are available with a variety of toppings in the freezer aisle.


Which DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza slice will be your favorite?

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