Photography, the Perfect Show and Tell Project

My sweet husband gave me a DSLR camera for Christmas last year.  Unfortunately I had no clue how to use the camera off of the auto settings.  I went to a couple of local photography classes but did not walk away feeling comfortable taking pictures in the manual mode.  Luckily while I was at the SNAP conference, I took advantage of the workshop schedule and went to two amazing classes.  First, I attended an introductory class by Emilie Ralph of Photo By Emilie.  Next I attended a morning light class by Kristen Duke of Kristen Duke Photography.  By the end of the two classes I felt so much better about my new camera.  I was excited to go home and pretend I knew what I was doing.

Camilla, me, and Rebecca attending a Photo By Emilie class, photo courtesy of The House of Smiths

While I was at the conference, my husband helped our three year old daughter plant flowers in our backyard.  She was so proud of her Earth Day project.  Thursday was show and tell day at her preschool.  She wasn’t sure what to bring and was very excited when I suggested we take a picture of her pretty flowers.  Sometimes you have to think outside the box on show and tell day!

My daughter played in the yard while I spent an hour trying to take a pretty picture of her flowers.  There were many attempts that ended badly but by the end I had a perfect picture to send to show and tell.  I should note that none of the pictures in this post were edited. 

too light

bad angle…no one wants to see dead flowers

good angle but not thrilled about the color

Finally, a picture pretty enough for show and tell!


My daughter had fun sharing her excitement about the flowers she planted.  I also had fun utilizing the tools I learned from the photography classes to work on something I know meant a lot to my daughter.

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