Paper Airplane Canvas Collage

Last summer I shared a fun wall art project at Mom Endeavors.  Just in case you missed this easy project I wanted to share it here too.  The paper airplane canvas collage was originally placed in my daughter’s bedroom but has transitioned to several different places over the past year.  It was a great piece of art in my pre-k classroom for a few months but I recently moved it back home into my daughter’s playroom.

You don’t need many supplies to make the collage.


  • blank can­vases (size is your preference)
  • spray paint
  • painters tape
  • tacky glue
  • paper airplane

Place your three canvases together and use your tape to make an air­plane trail across them.

Next spray paint the canvases.

Let the paint dry completely and then care­fully remove the painters tape.

If you’re skilled at making paper airplanes, quickly fold a plane for your last canvas. Apparently folding paper airplanes is not a skill I have mastered so I asked my husband for assistance.He folded a per­fect plane in less than a minute.

Use tacky glue to attach the plane to the last canvas

Do you have a special someone that would love paper airplane wall art in their bedroom too?

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