New Trent Airbender Mini – ultimate protection and keyboard for your iPad mini

Having so many reasons to be connected to the internet means you’ll rarely find me with out my iPhone, iPad, or laptop. My five year old daughter has her own iPad but more often than not, she ends up borrowing mine while on unexpected drives during errands or grocery shopping with me. She is very responsible but I’m always terrified she will accidentally drop my iPad while she is busy playing math games or reading her favorite stories. Recently I received a New Trent Airbender Mini and happily lessened the likelihood of an iPad tragedy. The Airbender Mini is a lightweight heavy duty keyboard case for the iPad mini and iPad mini with retina display. Thanks to the new product, I can efficiently work using the keyboard and give my iPad ultimate protection with the water resistant and shockproof case.


I enjoy sitting on my patio with my iPad mini while my daughter is playing in our backyard. With out an iPad keyboard or stand, catching up on emails or browsing my favorite magazines was challenging. Additionally, I was always concerned I would accidentally drop my iPad mini onto the hard concrete patio. Propping my iPad mini up with a plate is definitely not a safe way to comfortably use the device. 


The Airbender Mini case has three pieces to provide the ultimate protection for your iPad mini. The shockproof rubberized protection is also dirt and weather resistant. 


There are many times, like when my daughter is borrowing my iPad, that I would prefer to detach the iPad from the keyboard. The protective case easily removes from the keyboard. Even with out the ability to fully close the case with the keyboard attached, your iPad is protected.


The spacing on the keyboard creates a very comfortable experience.  The Airbender Mini comes with a USB charging cord to easily charge the keyboard. Simply use the prompts on the keyboard to connect using bluetooth and start typing!


A favorite feature of the Airbender Mini is the rotating aluminum arm that allows you to fully rotate your iPad. Viewing photos and reading is so much easier with the option to rotate with full access to the keyboard. 


The case also has an auto shutoff magnet to save your iPad battery while not in use. From the day it arrived, I have been using the Airbender Mini and feel confident my iPad is fully protected. I’ve also been able to work efficiently, something I never imagined doing on the small device. The Airbender Mini offers the ultimate protection and keyboard for you iPad mini.

I have always had great experiences with New Trent products. I continue to use my external battery charger daily and always carry our car charger on road trips.

If you are interested in trying the Airbender Mini or other New Trent products, their new pilot user program is offering the opportunity to receive products in exchange for an honest review. 


Participants must be at least 18 years old and live in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada. If selected, you will receive products to keep in exchange for completing a review within one week of receiving the product. Use test team code “BrieBlog0502” when you apply for the New Trent pilot user program.

I’ve been so lucky and have not yet experienced a broken iPad but know it happens often when you aren’t using a product with ultimate protection. Have you ever suffered a cracked screen by dropping your favorite device?

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary New Trent Airbender Mini to facilitate this post. All opinions are entirely my own. 

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