10 reasons to love the Mitsubishi Outlander

My mom day usually begins with school drop off, a long list of errands and quite a bit of running around with kids. It’s rock climbing team practice or school clubs. It’s weekend Little Environmentalists visits to the aquarium. It’s having out of state family visiting for several days. This is everyday. I’m constantly juggling my time and making sure everyday runs seamlessly with a busy calendar full of planned activities and unplanned spontaneous fun. Last week our busy week felt easier because I was driving a 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL S-AWC courtesy of DriveShop. The sleek body and awesome features make this a great family SUV and ultimate mom car. 

10 reasons to love the mitsubishi outlander

10 reasons to love the Mitsubishi Outlander

1) FAST-KEY passive entry system with push start

You’re holding a diaper bag, grocery bags, the lovie the baby dropped, your iced coffee and the baby. Finding the keys in your bag to unlock the doors is not happening. And it doesn’t have to. The Mitsubishi Outlander’s FAST-KEY passive entry system lets you walk right up to the car, place your hand on the locked door handle, and hop right in – of course after you’ve buckled in the baby, loaded the back cargo area with grocery bags and carefully placed that iced coffee in one of the many cup holders. Momtastic.

Mitsubishi Outlander keyless start

2) Comfortable seating for the entire family

Our family had a van when I was a kid and I clearly remember the most desirable – and absolutely undesirable – seats to sit in. Lucky for you, your kids won’t be arguing over which seats are the most comfy because they all offer the same awesome level of comfort. 

Mitsubishi Outlander comfy seats

3) Easy seat configuration changes

Our family of four doesn’t need all the seats most days in the Mitsubishi Outlander. But with just a quick pull of a strap you can add seats or change your family seating assignments. Hey, remember that time I broke my foot pulling down the third row seating in our van? It’s physically impossible to have that type of a mishap in this SUV. And that makes me a very happy mommy.

Mitsubishi Outlander seat configuration

4) 7-passenger seating 

Yep, 7! It’s the perfect SUV for carpooling, playdates, and for when you have out of town visitors.

Mitsubishi Outlander seven seats

5) Parked car locator

The smartphone Link Display Audio comes with some awesome features like hands-free Bluetooth®. Additionally, once you connect your phone it automatically sends you a parked car locator on maps when you park. I’ve seen many apps like this before but for me the challenge has always been remembering to tell the app I had parked. No worries because this feature does not require anything more than parking your car.

Mitsubishi Outlander Parked Car Locator

6) Multi-view camera system

The 360° bird’s eye view lets you know when you’re about to back over your favorite cactus (I might have done that before) or if a little neighbor has bounced a ball directly behind you. It also helps you view the surrounding walls so you don’t back right into the corner of your own garage (something else I may have done before).

Mitsubishi Outlander Backing Assist

7) Charging for all!

Phones, tablets, gaming devices, computers, cameras, portable chargers and a very long list of other items we all forgot to charge the night before a big road trip can easily be charged while driving the Mitsubishi Outlander. The many charging outlets including those for USB cords and a 12V power outlet make it easy to be in the car for more than just a quick errand.

Mitsubishi Outlander chargers

8) KIDS BOP! and SiriusXM 

The maybe 12 minutes I’m in the car a day by myself has me smiling to 90’s hits and a slew of Britney songs to remind me of the fun I had in college. But all other times, let’s be real here, KIDS BOP Radio is where it’s at. I truly appreciate how easy it is to find kids stations on SiriusXM. 

Mitsubishi Outlander kids music

9) Green Driving Score

The Eco Driving Mode has an energy saving measure to help get the best fuel economy and give off the lowest emissions. You can also check your green driving score to see how you’re performing.

Mitsubishi Outlander Green Driving Score

10) Start your day feeling fierce!

My day truly starts at sun up with early morning rides to school. When you’re on the road often it definitely helps to feel great driving a vehicle you love. The Mitsubishi is that and more.

Mitsubishi Outlander sunrise

The sleek design and so many awesome features makes the Mitsubishi Outlander a great family SUV and ultimate mom car.

Mitsubishi Outlander side bodyMitsubishi Outlander Fierce

What features do you look for most in an SUV?

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  1. Absolutely love these reasons to adore the Mitsubishi Outlander! From its sleek design to the advanced safety features, it’s clear why this SUV stands out. Reading this has me excited about the prospect of owning one. Great insights! ❤️ #MitsubishiOutlander #CarLove


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