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Having a preschool aged daughter and being a pre-k teacher means we have a large collection of children’s books in our home. My daughter is just starting to read and I love seeing her discover new favorites. We recently received a personalized childrens book from MarbleSpark that goes on a journey around the world to find all the letters of her name. Following Featherbottom features Felix Featherbottom and his friend Pierre Du Pond traveling all over the globe in search of letters to make the perfect name. Each letter discovered has corresponding items that begin with the specific letter. The personalized childrens book is great to add to your child’s home library would also make a great gift.


Each book’s cover is unique and includes three different color options and your child’s name scrolled across the bottom. You can further personalize the title page with a message and nickname.


The story begins with Felix Featherbottom receiving special instructions to help find the letters to make the perfect name for your child. The project deadline is your child’s birthday.


Each page is a new destination with the letters of your child’s name scrolling in order as they are discovered across the bottom of the book. The personalized childrens book is excellent for learning to spell names. Each page is filled with items coordinating with the letters to create a fun “I Spy” activity. My daughter has enjoyed listening to me read the book to her and then sitting down by herself to look at each spy page.


Felix Featherbottom and Pierre Du Pond successfully find all the letters in your child’s name then leave behind a world map for your child to see where the letters were found. The map is a great opportunity to talk about geography with your child. We have had so much fun talking about the different parts of the world visited in the book.


Following Featherbottom is my daughter’s new favorite personalized childrens book and it’s at the top of our gift list for her friends. The book would also make a great new baby gift.


MarbleSpark is a personalized book publisher committed to making children feel unique and special. Although MarbleSpark now has published many different personalized books, Following Featherbottom was their first in 2005. The idea for the book happened when the author, Philip Haussler, and his wife were expecting their first baby. He wrote the story and loved the idea of having a personalized name book. MarbleSpark isn’t just a name, it’s a mission. The first part of the name, Marble, is meant figuratively as your brain and the last part, Spark, is meant as to ignite. MarbleSpark ignites imagination and is sure to help your loved ones feel special and unique with their personalized books. The book is intended for children birth to eight years old and can be ordered online from MarbleSpark

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Do you know someone that would have fun going on a journey to find the letters in their name with Felix Featherbottom and Pierre Du Pond?

Disclosure: I received a personalized copy of the Following Featherbottom book from MarbleSpark for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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