Mama’s Fairy Godmother, a magical cocktail recipe

Last year attending the Social Fabric Conference, SoFabCon, was an incredible experience. Being part of such an amazing community full of business minded talented bloggers has helped me learn and grow professionally. I’ve befriended mentors and became a mentor myself through the Social Fabric online community. I never imagined myself where I am today after getting laid off during maternity leave five years ago. I know my past experiences led me to where I am and I couldn’t be more appreciative for my place in the Social Fabric community. I cannot wait to attend SoFabCon 2014! A highlight of the conference is the NickMom Pajama Party where attendees will be wearing their favorite pajamas sipping cocktails with friends. NickMom is looking for a cocktail recipe from a community member to share at the event. Mama’s fairy godmother, a magically smooth cocktail with hints of almond, is the perfect cocktail for the #NickMomPJParty. This post is my official attempt to win sponsorship to the #collectivebias conference #SoFabCon14.

Mama's Fairy Godmother cocktail recipe #NickMomPJParty

With a five year old daughter, most of my time at home is consumed by playing dress up. She loves pretending to be a princess visited by a fairy godmother. I would certainly appreciate a visit from a real fairy godmother and have a long list of wishes to be granted. When my fairy godmother does visit we’ll start with the most basic wish – getting my daughter to bed after a long day so I can enjoy a few kidless hours. Attending SoFabCon will be that much needed break with some of my closest online friends. I’m looking forward to the conference for learning opportunities, spending time with friends, and the NickMom Pajama Party. The only thing that would make the party more perfect is mama’s fairy godmother.

Mama’s fairy godmother cocktail ingredients:

  • 1-1/2 oz vodka
  • 1/2 oz amaretto
  • maraschino cherry for garnish 

Pour vodka over ice in glass.

Vodka in Fairy Godmother cocktail #NickMomPJParty

Float amaretto in drink by slowly pouring liqueur over back of spoon.

float amaretto on vodka for Godmother cocktail #NickMomPJParty

Garnish with cherry.

garnish Godmother cocktail with cherry #NickMomPJParty

Take a mama break and dream of a visit from your fairy godmother. For an extra special treat, enjoy the cocktail with chocolate dipped almond biscotti.

Godmother cocktail and biscotti #NickMomPJParty

I already know the best ways to end a challenging mommy day is with sugar and NickMom. Adding a mama’s fairy godmother to a pajama party will definitely give you a magical ending to the day. Do you want to meet mama’s fairy godmother at this year’s Social Fabric conference too?

Mama's Fairy Godmother cocktail recipe card #NickMomPJParty

My cocktail mixing skills come from attending bartender school during college. Yes, that’s a real thing. No, I never worked as a bartender as promised when convincing my husband the investment would provide a necessary skill for future employment opportunities.

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