Low Calorie Mocha Mint Iced Coffee Recipe

A few years ago I worked with Collective Bias and International Delight to create a tasty low calorie iced coffee recipe. I have a very busy schedule and my daily to do lists are always growing. My week day mornings always begin with a cup of coffee. My love for sugary caffeinated drinks makes it easy to consume all my daily calories in beverages. I forfeit the ability to eat many other treats because of the calories I consume in my morning routine. A light iced coffee sounded like something I needed! The low calorie mocha mint iced coffee is easy to make, inexpensive, and won’t ruin your calorie count for the day!

Quick Low Calorie Mocha Mint Iced Coffee Recipe

Low calorie mocha mint iced coffee recipe


  • light mocha iced coffee
  • fat free whipped topping
  • peppermint extract
  • green sugar topping (optional)

Low Calorie Mocha Mint Iced Coffee ingredients

Mix one cup refrigerated iced coffee and a drop of peppermint extract. More or less peppermint can be added according to your taste preference.

International Coffee Iced Coffee

Pour over crushed ice.

Mocha Mint Iced Coffee

Top with whipped topping and green sugar if you want to add some optional color and texture. 

Low Calorie Iced Coffee

Enjoy your morning coffee and don’t feel guilty because you’ve just saved more than half the calories you would find in this beverage ordered from your favorite barista. Plus, you can put that extra $5 back in your pocket because your morning coffee came from your own kitchen.

Do you love morning coffee as much as I do?

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