10 reasons every mom will love SING’s Rosita

If you haven’t already seen the favorite animated comedy SING, you should! Your children will love it but from one mom to another, this is not a film YOU should miss. Much like current reality singing competitions, we get to see five starring characters compete in the world’s best singing competition. And while every character is truly a star of their own, we absolutely love Rosita the mommy pig voiced by Reese Witherspoon. 10 reasons every mom will love SING‘s Rosita is why you should see this family friendly film during holiday break.

10 reasons every mom will love SING's Rosita

10 reasons every mom will love SING‘s Rosita

1) She’s a mom just like you!

Sure, we’re both moms but Rosita is mommy to 25 little piglets. SING doesn’t show us how easy it is, but instead, shows us the real struggles of juggling all those kiddos.

Sing Rosita with piglets

2) She’s exhausted.

25 piglets. While there’s no need for further explanation, we all can relate to the exhaustion Rosita feels after a long day taking care of her family.

SING Rosita tired

3) Multitasking is her middle name.

We’re not really sure of Rosita’s middle name but she has some serious multitasking skills. 

SING Rosita multitasking

4) She’s fearless.

She knows she can’t dance like her sparkly suited partner Gunter, but that doesn’t stop her from trying.  

SING Rosita surprised

5) She’s great at giving pep talks.

Even when she’s focusing on her own goals of winning the singing competition, she’s able to convince Ash she’s awesome without her boyfriend.

Sing Rosita pep talk

6) She’s a great partner.

Rosita proves that she can make even the most uncomfortable partnerships work successfully. Gunter and Rosita might have opposite personalities but together, they put on an amazing performance

SING Rosita partner

7) She’s always up for a challenge.

It might be cooking breakfast for her 25 piglets or learning Gunter’s complicated dance routine, Rosita is always up for a challenge.

SING Rosita entrance

8) She grocery shops at night.

At this point the only difference between Rosita and I, besides the 25 kids thing, is that she also performs her dance routine in the grocery store when she thinks no one is watching.

SING Rosita grocery shoppingSING Rosita dancing

9) She’s an impressive performer.

While her family might not see her as more than mommy and wife, she surprises them all with her powerful show performance.

SING Rosita family

10) She’s voiced by Reese Witherspoon.

There truly couldn’t be a more perfect match for Rosita. Reese Witherspoon is wonderful as the talented mommy pig Rosita.

SING Rosita Reese Witherspoon

Every mom will love SING‘s Rosita because she is just like so many of us – multitasking girls just trying to get through each day with a dash of trying to follow our own big dreams too.

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