How to Learn About a Different Culture from Home

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How to Learn About a Different Culture from Home

I recently shared how since kindergarten my oldest daughter was in a Mandarin Immersion learning program where she spent half her day with a teacher that only spoke Mandarin in the classroom. While she is no longer in the immersion program, she is at a school with a Mandarin class every week. She has learned so much over the past few years and enjoys teaching us about the Chinese culture too. The learning curve was tough initially but through a few years, we recognize the important holidays and know very specific history and cultural lessons shared with us by our daughter. Learning about a different culture has been exciting and a family endeavor to show support for our daughter’s enthusiasm to learn. How to learn about a different culture from home includes incorporating meals, dining customs and more. Our favorite Ling Ling meals are easy to prepare and add to the authenticity of culture nights in our home while learning.

We decorated our own chopsticks with washi tape to add to the fun while learning about a different culture from home.


Our daughter has taught us about the importance of food in learning about the Chinese culture. Last week we made Chicken Fried Rice beginning with Ling Ling Fried Rice and both my daughters asked for another Chinese meal to continue celebrating the new year. We revisited our favorites, Fried Rice and Potstickers, for another fun educational meal. When purchasing your favorite meals, use this coupon to save $2 off ONE Ling Ling Entree or Appetizer (20oz. or more).

Family meal time is fun when you're learning about a different culture from home.

Incorporating a genuine culture experience during your family’s meal time is easy because Ling Ling Fried Rice is made with authentic recipes. Chinese Style Vegetable and Yakatori Chicken are quick to prepare and taste great. I’m the first to admit that no matter how well planned out each day is, I always end up short on time. With Ling Ling, even the busiest days can include family time learning together.

Ling Ling Fried Rice is a delicious way to learn about a different culture from home.

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Dining Customs

It’s so interesting to learn about different cultures and their dining customs. My daughters are very excited to use chopsticks so this week we made sure to have them at the dinner table. Wooden chopsticks can easily be customized with washi tape for a fun family craft before dinner.

Washi tape and wooden chopsticks are a fun way to learn about a different culture from home.

The craft can be made with different tapes for family fun or you can use matching tape to dress up your chopsticks to match your table setting.

DIY chopsticks are a fun way to learn about a different culture from home.

Family Fun

Learning about a different culture is fun when the entire family is involved. My daughters had a friendly competition with the chopsticks to see who could use them best. It’s no surprise little sister wasn’t quite as skilled as our oldest daughter but we made it through most of dinner using our traditional chopsticks.

Learn about a different culture from home with a fun family meal.

How do you make learning fun in your home?

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It's easy to make learning about a different culture from home fun!

4 thoughts on “How to Learn About a Different Culture from Home”

  1. I love the wasi tape on the chopsticks idea- super cute. My kids would enjoy doing that next time they use chopsticks. My daughters currently take a Spanish immersion class, and one of my daughters will be doing an immersion summer camp as well- I think learning about other cultures is *so* important- and learning through meals etc is super fun as well 🙂

  2. It’s so amazing to hear how you are supporting your children in learning another language! I myself speak 3 languages fluently and can understand (albeit barely speak) a few more. Each language comes with a different pattern of thought and it’s also very helpful in being competitive in the job industry. 🙂 Of course, there’s the cultural aspect as you alluded to.. the food, the people, the music. It really opens up the mind to different and exciting options. I would love to try the food you made!

  3. Learning how to use the chopsticks and appreciating Chinese food are two quick ways to really submerge into the Chinese culture. It should be practiced every day though even when not at home. So it will be much easier to adapt.

  4. This is so insightful! And I totally agree with your points here. There are so many ways to learn about another culture even without visiting the place itself. Anyhow, it’s great that you’re doing this.


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