Koloa Zipline Kauai, Hawaii

Earlier this year when we spent a week at the Hanalei Bay Resort in Kauai, Hawaii, I had no idea my favorite excursion of our Hawaiian vacation would be ziplining with my daughter. Our adventure with Koloa Zipline completely took me out of my comfort zone and was so much fun! With an upcoming visit to the Kauai Beach Villas next year, we are definitely looking forward to ziplining again!

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii

We booked our Koloa Zipline tour just a couple of days in advance. We were staying on the opposite side of the island and had a scenic drive to Koloa. After stopping at the retail store, we then drove to the base yard which is an old sugar mill, for check in.  

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii sugar mill

The guides were very friendly and knowledgeable. They taught us how to safely use our harness and helped each of us on the tour to make sure we were comfortable before moving on to the safety class.

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii harness

Koloa Zipline is unique because they provide “ground school” before beginning each tour. In the zipline 101 course you learn how to safely use the harness and handlebar pulleys. They also teach you zipline aerobatics if you’re interested in flying hands free, upside down, or a variety of other positions. 

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii group safety

After ground school you take a short bus ride to the bases in the lush Kauai tropics. During the bus ride the guides shared Kauai history and pointed out wildlife along the route.

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii bus 

At seven years old, my daughter was able to walk the light hike between each base. During the uphill hikes the guides carried her gear.

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii walk

The zipline tour includes eight lines with three of the longest in Kauai. The entire tour takes just under four hours and includes hiking, ziplining, a snack and excellent views.

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii platform

Ziplining through the Kauai tropics is exhilarating! 

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii fun

All the guides were friendly, funny, and excellent with my daughter. She was the only child on the tour and received plenty of one on one attention and instruction. She was quite fond of Guga, a personal chef with a passion for fitness and outdoor recreation.  

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii Guga Tosi

She was too light to go on some of the longer lines alone so she rode tandem with Guga. 

*Minimum age of participants is 7 years old. Children between 7-17 must be accompanied by an adult. All participants must weigh less than 270 lbs.  The tandem zipline weight cannot exceed a combined weight of 280lbs.

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii tandem with Guga

Although I brought a GoPro, my favorite video from our Koloa Zipline tour was taken by Guga on his phone. 

As our tour progressed, my daughter asked to try different positions and wanted to ride upside down – with no hands!

Kauai Koloa Zipline

She was so proud of herself! 

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii upside down

I was not as brave but never worried about my daughter because of the great guides. 

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii connection


The tour included a snack with an amazing view.

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii snack

Photos, some included in this post, were taken by Koloa Zipline. Because you definitely don’t want to drop anything, I did not bring my camera – or rental car keys. They were safely stored at the base yard before we started our adventure. 

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii view

The entire tour group had an incredible time and everyone said they would love to do it again! 

Koloa Zipline Kauai Hawaii group

Be sure to read the Koloa Zipline tips when booking your zipline tour including weight & age requirements, physical requirements, cancellation/weather policy, and what to bring!

Learn more about Koloa Zipline by connecting with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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Kauai Beach Villas vacation giveaway feature

Who would you take on a Koloa Zipline adventure? 

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