Holiday Ready Guest Room

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Holiday Ready Guest Room

The holiday season always seems to creep up on us and before I ever tackle my long to do list, I add more to it. We have lived in our new home for just over a year but this is the first holiday season where we really feel at home. Every room is put together and we have slowly moved one room at a time to really make our home a comfortable living space. Last week we tackled the guest room and because we are already walking into Thanksgiving week, we also spent some time making it a holiday ready guest room. We do have family visiting this week and my mom stays over often so we wanted to create a comfortable and welcoming space for them. In addition to rearranging furniture and adding decor, our holiday ready guest room makeover included essentials for comfort for us and for our guests. An ECOVACS DEEBOT 900 robot vacuumChesapeake Bay CandleBrooklinen sheetsSengled Color-Changinig LED with Speaker smart bulbThe Duck® Brand Smooth Top® Easy Liner® Shelf Liner, and Christmas Central Iced Mini Pine Artificial Christmas Tree all added to changes made to our guest room.

Just a week ago this room was my husband’s home office when we made the decision to swap it for a guest room. My husband now has the room at the end of our hall and a much better option for a home office instead of the guest room. This room offers more privacy and is away from noise in the night so our guests will be much more comfortable here than in the previous bedroom. The cactus theme is very Arizona and we are looking forward to welcoming guests into this desert themed space.

In addition to making the room pretty, we also made sure it was holiday ready. Cleaning is not my most favorite way to spend my time and if it was up to me, I’d have a robot for all the household chores. With the ECOVACS DEEBOT 900, you can clean with just the click of a button through the EVOVACS app. We have a dog and two cats so I vacuum often. While guests are visiting the last thing I want to be doing is vacuuming. You can schedule the cleaning, like at night so you wake up to clean floors, or simply choose to vacuum when you know an unexpected guest is on their way.

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The Heritage Collection by Chesapeake Bay Candle adds so much comfort to a room with a variety of memory evoking smells. The Pumpkin Latte Small Jar Candle is a rich aroma of praline, pecans and pumpkin frosting. The soy wax blend candle delivers a clean burn and includes essential oils of cinnamon leaf and benzoin.

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The linens on the bed also received an upgrade with a Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore sheet bundle. Brooklinen’s most premium set includes a Core Sheet Set, a Duvet Cover and two extra Pillowcases in a buttery-smooth 480 thread-count weave. Brooklinen allows you to pull in a color wave for the sheets and another color for the duvet. Other similar luxury bedding can cost up to $895 and do not offer the convenient option of all colors and styles well suited together. 

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After a long road trip or flight, crisp clean sheets are my most favorite thing to find when I peel back the blankets on a bed. Our guest room now has that awesome level of comfort for our guests when they’re ready to tuck in at night too.

Brooklinen sheets are the best in a guest room!

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The Sengled Color-Changinig LED with Speaker smart bulb is the room addition our daughters are most excited about. Just connect your device through Bluetooth, and Solo will play your favorite tunes, podcast, or even act as a speaker for your Echo Dot. The color changing bulb has a rainbow to select from and can even be set to moods. 


The bulb can be used in any lamp or lighting fixture.

The app is easy to use and my oldest daughter enjoyed discovering the color options.

She was even more excited about our new color LED bulb when she learned it also has a speaker. I imagine many game nights and family dance parties in our new guest room but am also looking forward to giving our guests the option of noise as an alternative to a sound machine for sleep. Any smart phone can be connected by bluetooth and have an endless option of music or white noise during the night. 

Little sister quickly got comfortable in the room at bedtime and watched an app turning book pages while it was read aloud through the wireless lighting speaker.

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It was important for us to include a space for our guests to place their personal belongings during a stay in our home. We do have an antique dresser in the room but there wasn’t a convenient place for keys, wallets and jewelry. I added The Duck® Brand Smooth Top® Easy Liner® Shelf Liner to the smallest drawer of the dresser for guests to drop all their small items. The liner is machine washable and can be used in the kitchen, pantry, cabinets and more. I love not having to worry about the dresser getting scratched as guests use the space we created for them.

Find more organizational tips with The Duck™ Brand with their variety of products.

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The guest room has desert and cactus theme decor but we added a 25″ Iced Mini Pine Artificial Christmas Tree in Galvanized Bucket from Christmas Central for a holiday feel. This tree is loved by designers because it is universally appealing and has a high tip count (125) with realistic PE branches. It looks like it was freshly cut for a country cottage, or our holiday ready guest room.

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Now we just need our guests to arrive. In the meantime we’ll be hosting frequent family nights in the new holiday ready guest bedroom. Hot chocolate, holiday movies and lots of snuggles are penciled in for our few days off of work and school together.

What do you do to get your home holiday ready for guests?

This holiday ready guest room has everything your guests could want in a cozy and comfortable space.


11 thoughts on “Holiday Ready Guest Room”

  1. Love that light so much! How cool it changes colour like that! I have been wanting to invest in a Robovac for ages – I think I might just do that now!

  2. This room looks amazing. I can spend whole day or two here. I love the way you design the room. Each and everything placed in a very well mannered.

  3. What a super cute guest room!!! I wish we had a cute guest room. Ours is soooo cramped with way too much furniture. I have a Deebot too, and man I am so thankful for it. It does the best job on our dog hair covered floors.

  4. Love how the guest room turned out, so warm and welcoming for the holidays and all year round. I could use something to pick up the dog hair in my house as well. That looks like such a great option.

  5. The room turned out so awesome! Love the little cactus decals on the wall – I thought you put up wallpaper. Looks totally relaxing. As Grandma, cant wait for the girls to show me how to work the light app..and enjoy the new room.


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