Harry Potter Advent Calendars

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Harry Potter Advent Calendars

It’s December. You planned for your Elf on the Shelf to arrive and family advent calendars to be displayed. Your children will wake up to the magic of December in your home. Except your elf is hiding because last December 26th you carefully packed him into a perfect hiding place that no one, including you, would ever find. Those advent calendars, well for the past 12 months you forgot that December was almost here so they aren’t in your home either. I got you covered with these Harry Potter Advent Calendars available on Amazon Prime. They’ll show up on your doorstep later this week and you might want to add a new elf to your cart while you’re shopping so he’ll arrive too. If you find the original, you’ll have two magical elves to remember to move this year. Sarcasm aside, advent gifting calendars are part of our holiday tradition. It started when our youngest daughter was just a year old and has been a little different each year. What’s remained the same is the excitement every morning with a new surprise until Christmas Day.

Harry Potter Advent Calendars on Amazon Prime

Yume Toys Harry Potter Infinity Box Advent Calendar

With 24 numbered boxes, the Harry Potter Infinity Box Advent Calendar has trinkets ranging from stuffed plushes and magnets to luggage tags and crafting supplies. It’s great for the child that might lose interest with the same items each day. the rotating cardboard box display can be saved for years of Harry Potter advent fun. This advent calendar will be the star of December mornings in our home. The Harry Potter Infinity Box is also available at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Last year we had a DIY LEGO Harry Potter character advent calendar. My husband collected the characters through the year and our daughter now has a full collection displayed in her bedroom. Luckily for all the last minute parents like me this year, the LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar is full of characters, accessories and more.

We love the Harry Potter LEGO advent calendar available on Amazon Prime with free one-day shipping!

Harry Potter Funko Advent Calendar

This advent calendar comes with 24 Funko pocket pops of all of your favorite Harry Potter characters. Gift a DIY display case on Christmas morning for a great way to display the collection.

We love the Harry Potter Funko advent calendar available on Amazon Prime with free one-day shipping!

Ooshies Harry Potter Advent Calendar

The tiny squishy Ooshies are adorable and fun for sisters to play with together while recreating Hogwarts.

We love the Harry Potter Ooshies advent calendar available on Amazon Prime with free one-day shipping!


Hogwarts Christmas Pop-Up Tree Harry Potter Advent Calendar

This is our first year with the Harry Potter Tree Advent Calendar. It folds flat, has a pop up Christmas tree and by Christmas Day will be fully decorated with all the daily advent ornaments.

We love the Harry Potter tree advent calendar available on Amazon Prime with free one-day shipping!

We’ve tried many different daily gifting ideas including a kindergarten book advent calendar, acts of kindness and more favorite themes depending on our daughters’ interests that year. 

Do you have an advent calendar tradition in your home?

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 Check out these Harry Potter advent calendars available on Amazon Prime with free one-day shipping!

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  1. OMG loving all of the Harry Potter themed Advent Calendars, can’t pick my favourite but they all look super cute and amazing. My daughter is into Harry Potter at the moment, so I know she will love having the squishy Ooshies

  2. My daughter and I are a big fan of Harry Potter and I would love to have that Advent calendar for me and for her. So cute!


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