Halloween Candy Milkshakes

It’s been a few days since my daughter was out trick or treating and brought home a giant bag filled with candy. Today my family enjoyed Halloween candy milkshakes made with some of our favorite candy in my daughter’s treat bag.

Halloween Candy Milkshake

It’s not everyday you have access to all of your favorite candy bars in your home. We had such a great variety of chocolate and I knew they would make the perfect crushed combination in a milkshake. 

Halloween Candy Milkshake, trick or treating candy

I was not selective about the chocolate I added to our family milkshakes.


  • Halloween candy
  • milk
  • vanilla ice cream

Halloween Candy Milkshake ingredients

My blender has a chopper that worked great on the mini size chocolates. I chopped all the candy until it was a fine blend with a few chunks of chocolate.

Halloween Candy Milkshake, crushed candy

Add the crushed candy to milk and ice cream in your blender.  

Halloween Candy Milkshake in blender

Blend all the ingredients until you have a smooth consistency with visible chunks of candy. Pour into a glass, add a straw, and enjoy your Halloween candy milkshake!   

Halloween Candy Milkshake with straw

The shake was the perfect representation of all the trick or treating fun my daughter had on Halloween. Mix up the candy combinations to find your favorite Halloween candy milkshake. I should probably get rid of the rest of our candy or we just might be drinking these shakes everyday.

Did you make anything yummy with all the candy your kiddos brought home on Halloween?

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