Gilbert, Arizona Moving Resources

Gilbert, Arizona Moving Resources

We have lived in our new home in Gilbert, Arizona for eight months and some days I still wake up with that “pinch me” feeling. Sometimes it takes a moment of reflection to realize we really did sell and leave our last home so quickly. It happened fast and seamless. Real talk though, moving is hard, really hard. It doesn’t matter how well you have planned, the businesses you have hired, or the friends that have offered to help. But with a great team of the right people behind you, your move can be better than you realized possible. My list of Gilbert, Arizona Moving Resources includes all the businesses we used for the sell of our previous home and settling into our new home. Every business listed here is shared because of my excellent previous experience with them through our selling and buying process. Sure, we had some not so great experiences along the way too and you will not find those businesses listed here as my suggested Gilbert, Arizona moving resources to help as you sell a house and settle into your new home. If we didn’t use the service personally throughout our home selling and buying process, they are not on this list. We have lived in three different homes in Gilbert, Arizona and love this town. It’s just over an hour from the small Arizona mining town where I grew up and while it’s growing at rapid speed, it still feels like a small town and has been a great place to raise our daughters. I have a long list of reasons why we enjoy living in Gilbert but this post is specifically to share the best Gilbert, Arizona Moving Resources.

Make buying, selling or moving in Gilbert, Arizona an easy process with these ultimate Gilbert, Arizona moving resources.

Gilbert, Arizona Selling Resources


Find a realtor you are comfortable with because you need someone that will make you feel confident with your decisions and ability to listen to their suggestions. We used the same realtor group to sell our previous home while buying another simultaneously. Megan Haynes was wonderful and provided so much assistance. I originally met Janine and Megan of the Home Selling Team at an open house in our last neighborhood. I had been eyeing their sells in the surrounding area for awhile and knew they were a great team already established where we currently were and surrounding neighborhoods where we wanted to move. These realtors were the difference between the first time we tried to sell our home (with ZERO offers) and our current experience where we accepted an offer in five days and closed in 30. From start to finish we had sold our house and were in a new home in less than two months. 

The Home Selling Team (480) 459-4998 | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Mortgage Consultant

Our realtor referred us to an excellent mortgage consultant that handled everything financial related and processed the paperwork for both our home sell and new home purchase. Stacy Williams was amazing to work with and a financial advisor we will use in the future for many different life stages.

Stacy Williams at On Q Financial (602) 214-9186 | Facebook

Home Staging

Common sense says you need to depersonalize your home and remove all the clutter before listing your home for sale but it really is so much more than boxing up those family photos and emptying the bookshelves. Front & Center Home Staging visited our home and a few days later provided a full itemized report listing all the suggested changes we should make to every room in our home. Alissa gave us instructions prioritizing by what potential home buyers would notice most. She utilized furniture and decor in our home and told us exactly how to rearrange and where to move exact pieces to other rooms. Her report did not include any suggestions to purchase new items and the check off list helped us stay organized during the process.

Front & Center Home Staging (480) 628-2904 | Facebook | Instagram

These awesome Gilbert, Arizona Moving Resources includes home staging because it makes a great impact and increases value on the home you are listing for sale.

Fresh Flowers

Staging with fresh flowers for the listing photos and during our only open house weekend made a big difference. Our home smelled wonderful and had a great welcoming feeling.

God’s Garden Treasures (480) 603-7673 | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Stage with fresh flowers is included in these Gilbert, Arizona Moving Resources because they keep your home smelling and looking fresh and welcoming to potential buyers.

Gilbert, Arizona Home Repair Resources


It wasn’t a requested upgrade but we knew our kitchen sink needed a new hose. Because our selling process moved so quickly we had limited time and Anytime Home Services installed the identical brand new faucet and hose kit 7:00 am just an hour before the home inspector arrived. With the same plumbing business we also replaced the garbage disposal per our buyer’s request.

Anytime Home Services (480) 737-8273 | Facebook


We had roof repairs necessary on both homes and our experience with Arizona’s Finest Roofing was excellent.

Arizona’s Finest Roofing (480) 292-7159 | Facebook | Twitter

These Gilbert, Arizona Moving Resources are great for selling, buying and moving and include an excellent roofing business.

Gilbert, Arizona Home Cleaning Resources

House Cleaners

Because of a time constraint we did have a house cleaner visit our home the day before our listing photos were completed. We probably could have (and should have) saved on the expense by prioritizing time to complete this big task ourselves. Ask friends or local neighborhood groups on Facebook for a solid referral. You can also ask your realtor for their preferred cleaning service.

Window Washers

Prior to listing our home for sale, our realtor gave us a short list of necessary services including getting our screens and windows cleaned. The business they referred us to never returned our calls so I set out to find the best window cleaner based on experiences from friends and neighbors. KC’s expedited their estimate process so we could stick to our realtor’s timeline and have our screens and windows cleaned prior to professional home photos being taken for our listing.

KC’s Window Cleaning & Sunscreens (480) 807-0987

Carpet and Floor Cleaners

Cleaning our tile, group and carpet with Artistry Carpet Cleaning prior to the home listing photos made a big impact. We had such a great experience that we called them again to clean the wood tile floor and carpet in our new home too.

Artistry Carpet Cleaning (480) 845-2333 | Facebook

Yard Maintenance

Another important thing to consider before listing your home for sale is the appearance of your yard. There are many landscaping businesses in Gilbert, Arizona but I highly suggest simply asking your neighbors who they use for yard maintenance. You might be able to utilize their service on the same schedule as your neighbors to avoid a travel expense.

Other Gilbert, Arizona Moving Resources

Both our homes were closing the same week so our move felt more complicated than previous times we relocated. The home we sold was closing on a Wednesday and we couldn’t get the keys to our new home until Friday. We needed to be fully out of our existing home with time to clean before it closed then had to wait for the new house to close before we could move in later that weekend. We looked into several different options but the most cost efficient was to schedule two moves, moving out of our sold home to a storage unit then another from the storage unit to our new home. Additionally we rented our own moving truck to move boxes out of our garage prior to the scheduled movers. This also meant we needed to find a place for our family to stay in between the moves.


We received quotes from several different companies and Two Men and a Truck were significantly less than others. They were professional, nice and fast.

Two Men and a Truck (480) 559-8085 | Facebook | Twitter


We found the biggest and best priced storage unit at StorageWest. They also have a moving truck available on a first come first serve basis. If you are moving yourself, this is a great way to save on the expense of a rental truck. Our time at the storage facility was short-term so we were okay with choosing an outdoor unit instead of one of their indoor temperature regulated units. This choice was the most cost efficient and ended up being the best for us because we ended up changing our move in date and wouldn’t have been able to do that without a change fee if we used storage provided by a moving company.

StorageWest Mesquite Grove (480) 616-2181 | Facebook | Twitter


We booked a week at the Hyatt Place Phoenix/Gilbert to help keep our family comfortable during our move. We checked in two days before we had to be out of the home we sold and then didn’t check out until movers had delivered all the furniture to our new home. It was an excellent decision because our move was in the middle of a school testing week for our oldest daughter. She was sleeping comfortably in the hotel bed, waking up to complimentary breakfast before school each morning and had a designated desk for homework. The chaos of a move would not have been a comfortable environment had we chosen to stay in our boxed home up until the day the movers arrived. See a recap of our week at the Hyatt Place Phoenix/Gilbert to learn more about why we loved the experience.

Hyatt Place Phoenix/Gilbert (480) 899-5900 | Facebook | Instagram

The Hyatt Place Phoenix/Gilbert is the perfect place to call home during your home selling, buying or moving process and is included in my favorite Gilbert, Arizona Moving Resources.

Home Security System

Our previous home was fully secured by an ADT home security system. We updated security in our new home with door & window sensors, glass break sensors, motion detectors and a new security keypad. There are several different packages and each can be customized to your home needs.

ADT (800) 826-1944 | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Rekeying your new home and mailbox is suggested prior to move in. We had our front and back doors and mailbox rekeyed the day after we closed on our new home.

Avid Locksmith (480) 510-6827

Pest Control

We weren’t sure if we would be using pest protection for our new home but after talking to neighbors we ultimately decided it was a service we should have. We live in the Arizona desert and there are many different pests we don’t want in our home so HomeTeam Pest Defense visits us bi-monthly to provide an exceptional service outside on our property.

HomeTeam Pest Defense (877) 574-7500 | Facebook | Twitter

Welding and Repair

When we moved into our new home the side access gates needed to have the swing reversed, rehung and aligned. The project was an added frustration to our moving week so we reached out to a local mobile welding business instead.

T&A’s Mobile Welding LLC (480) 262-2120 | Facebook | Twitter


Whether it’s existing pool repairs or you want to add a pool to your yard, Presidential Pools can do it all. In between listing our home for sale the first time getting zero offers to listing our home for sale the second time and selling it in just five days, we built a pool in our backyard. The six week pool timeline was fast and added the right value to our home to prepare to list for sale. Our new home does not have a pool and we are gearing up to contact Presidential Pools again for design ideas and hopefully have a new pool built before next summer.

Presidential Pools (480) 967-9467 | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Repairing a pool or adding one in your yard just might be what your home is missing. Presidential Pools can do it all and is a favorite of my Gilbert, Arizona Moving Resources.

Selling, buying and/or moving in Gilbert, Arizona doesn’t have to feel hard with the right team behind you. Do you have favorite Gilbert, Arizona Moving Resources to add to this list?

Selling, buying and/or moving in Gilbert, Arizona doesn't have to feel hard with the right team behind you. These Gilbert, Arizona Moving Resources are exactly what you need to make the process great.

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