Free printable Finding Dory writing prompt

With a deep love for the ocean and marine animals, my seven year old daughter was very excited to see Finding DoryMarlin, Nemo and friends are favorite characters and regularly revisited for family movie nights in our home. Finding Nemo taught us about family and not giving up but Finding Dory brings another important message: celebrating differences. We saw Finding Dory before it’s release date in theaters and were deeply touched by the beautiful sentiment. We are all unique and those differences should be celebrated. The free printable Finding Dory writing prompt is a great activity to help children gain confidence in proclaiming what makes them unique.

Finding Dory printable writing prompt

Ellen DeGeneres brings a marvelous loved character back for another wonderful story about love and friendship. But this time we see the story behind why Dory is alone when she stumbles on Marlin looking for Nemo. The exuberant Dory teaches us differences make us unique. 

Hi, I’m Dory and I suffer from short-term memory loss.

How many times have introductions of yourself began with a disability? Dory doesn’t let it stand in her way and spends her entire life trying to fit in and make friends in a big, big ocean. 

Finding Dory writing prompt

Print the free printable Finding Dory writing prompt activity on your home computer and ask your child to write about the characteristics that make them unique.

Finding Dory printable writing prompt print

Maybe it’s being the tallest in their classroom or a favorite food. Maybe it’s their hair color or a talent. Or maybe it’s really a disability. Children are so impressionable and we should be teaching them to celebrate their differences. This year my daughter was again surprised to discover she is interested in animals much more than her peers. She enjoys spending her time learning about ocean conservation and sharing everything she learns with her friends and classmates. Her confidence and perseverance amazes me as she would happily stand on a podium in a full room to declare what we can all do to keep the oceans clean for marine animals. She has recognized her love for science is unique and sometimes children aren’t nice about different interests. Spending time learning that girls can be anything they want to be from Miss California and the inspiring messages from films like Finding Dory have encouraged her to feel proud to be unique.

Completed Finding Dory writing prompt printable

What would your child write if asked what makes them unique?

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Click HERE to access the free printable Finding Dory writing prompt activity.

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