Fun and Festive Thanksgiving Appetizers

Check out Fun & Festive Thanksgiving Appetizers

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We are not hosting Thanksgiving dinner in our home next week but I will be sharing some fun and festive snacks with my daughter. I created a collection of Fun and Festive Thanksgiving Appetizers on Foodie to get creative with next week or impress your Thanksgiving guests. Especially if you have children celebrating the holiday, these cute ideas are sure to make the kids giggle.


I’ve made the Mom Endeavors Turkey Veggie Tray several times and it’s always a fun appetizer to munch on before Thanksgiving dinner. I plan to send the little edible cornucopia in my daughter’s lunchbox early next week. 

Aside from a traditional turkey dinner at my in-laws’ home and my mom’s pumpkin rolls, we don’t really have any family Thanksgiving traditions. This year I plan to do a few activities at home with my daughter in the morning to discuss what we are thankful for. This year has been full of many visits to our favorite parks including Disneyland. My daughter has had the opportunity to spend time with incredible role models and learn about animals through her experiences at SeaWorld. We are expecting a baby and have had a year full of good health and career opportunities. We truly are grateful and have so much to celebrate next week. We definitely will be adding more great memories with Fun and Festive Thanksgiving Appetizers!

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Disclosure: This “Fun and Festive Thanksgiving Appetizers” recipe collection is part of a sponsored post by Foodie. I personally selected each recipe to be added to the collection. All opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

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