Fast French Onion Dip

Fast French Onion Dip disclosure

There are a few recipes I use for all potlucks and most parties in my home.  I always get the most compliments from the dish I spend the least amount of time preparing, my Fast French Onion Dip.  The new Sharmrock Farms flavored sour cream makes this dip even easier to make at home.  

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The flavored sour cream comes in three different flavors – creamy ranch, french onion, and zesty jalapeno.  I originally sampled all three flavors when I went on the Shamrock Farms Tour last month.  I was really excited for the flavored sour cream to be available in stores because I had so many great recipe ideas.  

My dad makes the Fast French Onion Dip with three ingredients – cottage cheese, sour cream, and a french onion powder dip mix.  I was able to completely eliminate the dip mix from the recipe by using the new french onion sour cream.

Fast French Onion Dip (3)


  • 12 oz Shamrock Farms french onion flavored sour cream
  • 16 oz Cottage Cheese  

Fast French Onion Dip (2)

Mix the flavored sour cream and cottage cheese together for Fast French Onion Dip. 

Fast French Onion Dip (4)

The dip will quickly become a family favorite for chips and veggies. 

Fast French Onion Dip

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