Edwin the duck, the app-connected smart duck

Baby sister has a deep love for two things – ducks and her iPad. There is six years between her and our older daughter so I’m very much new to discovering all the great app-connected learning toys out there for toddlers. While we certainly limit her screen time, it’s amazing to watch her navigate through favorite apps correctly naming colors, numbers and shapes. From first learning about Edwin the Duck, the app-connected smart duck, and partnering to receive one for review, I knew baby sister would quickly call it a favorite. What I didn’t know is that her new Edwin the Duck would be the ultimate duck replacing all others she has loved this year. Edwin the Duck connects to an app for educational games, plays music, interacts during games and songs, is a nightlight and can even join bath time. This ultimate duck is baby sister’s new best buddy and I couldn’t be happier with all the great educational opportunities he has brought to our house with him.

Edwin the app-connected smart duck

We downloaded the free Edwin app on baby sister’s iPad and charged the duck. We then connected our Edwin to the app to enable interactive play.

Edwin the Duck app

By this point, baby sister already had decided she would love Edwin the Duck forever. Posing for a few photos with her new BFF was no problem. Those sweet moments watching her light up and sing with her new duck were the sweetest. Then she tried to eat him….or maybe give him a big kiss that, on camera, looks more like she’s assaulting the poor guy. Luckily Edwin is made of soft surgical-grade BPA-free silicon. 

Edwin the Duck playtime

The  innovative, exclusive SQUACKâ„¢ Technology enables rubber duck Edwin to control animated Edwin within the app through taps, turns, and twists. You can also listen to music and movies along with Edwin through his included BLUETOOTH® wireless enabled speaker.

Edwin the Duck Storytime

The free app includes interactive stories, songs and games. The balloon popping game is currently baby sister’s favorite.

Edwin the Duck app with baby

After some time with her iPad, she decided we should go for a walk and introduce Edwin the Duck to the real ducks at our neighborhood lake.

Edwin the Duck at lakeEdwin the Duck and baby at lake

Playtime at the park, running through the grass, and a short walk home – then it was time for a bath. Edwin the Duck is built for the water and you can even stream music through your mobile device on Edwin’s Bluetooth enabled speakers. You can also use the Edwin bath time app to check the water temperature while Edwin is in the tub.

Edwin the Duck bathtime

Baby sister spent the entire day with her new duck friend. Bedtime was no exception, his night light is a great favorite feature after story time. Edwin the Duck is a new love in our home and the app has so many features to keep the duck growing with my daughter. The app-connected smart duck makes a great gift for new parents and young children – it just might be making an appearance under some of our relative’s Christmas tree in a couple of weeks. 

Do you have a child at home that would love Edwin the Duck too?

Learn more about Edwin the Duck by connecting with him on Facebook and Twitter. Edwin the Duck ships for free when purchased from edwintheduck.com

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