Easy Meal Planning and Cooking with Dream Dinners

We had a very busy schedule last week with work, errands, meetings, and events.  After a few days with a running nose and cough my daughter woke up telling us her ear hurt.  Later in the afternoon we went to see the pediatrician to confirm she had an ear infection.  With a cold, double ear infection, and absolutely exhausted from a busy week already, I knew I would be at home the next few days. Unfortunately that meant I couldn’t attend the grand opening of Dream Dinners Scottsdale with friends. I was already familiar with Dream Dinners because I regularly go to a location close to my home when I am in need of some easy meal planning and cooking ideas.  I was disappointed to share with the event host, Sara of Mom Endeavors, that I would not be able to attend.  To my surprise, my sweet friends at the event assembled my meals together and Wendy from Choosing Love delivered them to my home that same evening.  She brought me goodies from the event along with the three meals I had planned to prepare: Fully Loaded Chicken and Potato Soup with Breadsticks, Firehouse Three Cheese Pasta with Meatballs, and Pecan Crusted Pork Chops with Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  Each meal came complete in a freezer bag with an easy to follow recipe.  

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Having a busy schedule sometimes makes it challenging to prepare healthy home cooked meals for your family.  Dream Dinners takes the planning and lengthy prep time each night out of the process.  Locations are nationwide and finding a store near your home is easy.  

In just a few clicks online you can find a local store, choose your menu, select a session date and time that works with your schedule, and checkout.  When you arrive at your session all of the ingredients and easy to follow instructions are there for you.  While assembling your meals you are able to customize recipes to your family preferences.  Bring your meals home in a cooler and store the meals in your freezer.  You now have a selection of meals ready to prepare for your family.  

When you arrive at the store you will check in with a staff member, put on your apron, and start assembling your meals.  Each meal has its own station complete with pre cut and fresh ingredients. My favorite part of the entire assembly experience is not having to ever clean up.  I enjoy cooking at home but dread the clean up process.   

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Having a sick daughter at home and not feeling well myself, chicken soup sounded like a great meal.  Like all Dream Dinners, The Fully Loaded Chicken and Potato Soup came with everything I needed to make a complete meal for my family.  The recipe was very easy to follow and I was able to multitask while cooking.

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The soup tasted delicious and my daughter asked for seconds. 

Easy Meal Planning and Cooking with Dream Dinners

Later in the week my husband prepared the Firehouse Three Cheese Pasta with Meatballs. It went straight from our freezer to the oven.  Less than an hour later we were eating a tasty meal and watching a movie.  

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In addition to the changing menus with extensive meal options, each location has a fully stocked freezer with quick breakfast items, sides, and desserts available for you to purchase during your session.  My family loves the cinnamon and sugar scones for a special breakfast treat.

If you are looking for an even quicker option for home cooked meals at home, you can skip the assembly session by selecting the Fast Lane menu when making your selections online. The Fast Lane menu items are already assembled and ready for you to pick up.  If you would like to create a custom order with out assembling the meals yourself, you can also select to have the store assemble for you.  Then simply arrive with a cooler and bring home your meals ready to prepare.

The average session takes approximately two hours to assemble your meals.  By spending a couple of hours at Dream Dinners you will have so much more time to enjoy with your family.  Meal time is fun and no longer feels like a chore on busy nights!

Although I would have had so much fun at the grand opening of Dream Dinners Scottsdale, I loved getting to follow along #DreamDinnersScottsdale online and am especially appreciative of my super friends!  Thanks to the Dream Dinners Scottsdale staff, Sara of Mom Endeavors, and Wendy of Choosing Love for getting my assembled meals to me while I was home giving cuddles to my daughter!

If you would like to try Dream Dinners for the first time, the great introductory offer allows you to sample the menu and assemble 3-6 meals for only $74.95.  Leave out the planning, shopping, and hours in the kitchen with a fun Dream Dinners session!

Learn more about the Dream Dinners Scottsdale Grand Opening event and enter to win a $200 Dream Dinners gift card at Dream Dinners – Cooking Made Easy! {Review & HUGE giveaway} from Mom Endeavors.  Giveaway ends September 20, 2013.

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