E Week Preschool Snack – Elephant Bread

This week my daughter brought snacks to preschool.  We made elephant bread because they were learning about the letter E.

I was looking online for a snack that started with the letter E and came across this idea for elephant bread.  I followed the original tutorial to make the cute snack.  The only difference is we decided to leave off the cinnamon.

-canned biscuits

Each elephant used two pieces of dough from the canned biscuits.  The first was used for the head shape.  The second gets cut into thirds to use as the trunk and ears.  We sprinkled sugar on the dough before the elephants were assembled.

Assemble the elephant heads on a baking sheet.

Don’t forget to add your raisin eyes.

Bake at 400 degrees for 12 minutes.

Bring to class to share!

This was such a fun snack for my daughter’s class!

I’m sharing this post here.

12 thoughts on “E Week Preschool Snack – Elephant Bread”

    • I baked them in the morning and brought them to my daughter’s classroom for snack a couple of hours later. I’m sure they weren’t still warm but not refrigerated so not cold either. The kids loved them!


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