Teaching your children about cyber safety with the help of the CyberTribe

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As parents, we are experiencing the learning curve just as heavily as our children growing up in a digital world. The safety concerns we face today are not the same issues of concern our parents had. The internet simply was not as present in our childhood. While cyberbullying may be a new term in our vocabulary, it cannot be overlooked. Educating yourself and talking to your children about cyber safety is an added responsibility all parents should take seriously.


What is cyberbullying? According to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America

cyberbullying is using Internet applications and technologies such as chat, IM, social networking sites and cell phones to bully someone. Cyberbullying is a serious issue for today’s youth. It can be prevented by teaching children proper netiquette – and also by reminding children to inform an adult if they are the target of inappropriate messages or behaviors.

With only 7% of parents worried about cyber bullying but a reported 1/3 of all teens being cyberbullied, the numbers simply don’t match up. Social networking is an opportunity to connect through technology, but it’s also an opportunity for your children to open the door to predators. While adult predators are the thought of concern for most parents, cyberbullying from peers is not shared with parents and other adults by more than half of the young adults being victimized.

Watch more of the Cyber Survivor Challenge to learn why parents talking to their children about online safety is the first step is open communication. 

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America have teamed up with Sprint to bring you a panel of cyber smart teens to help answer your questions.


The CyberTribe is a group of expert teens organized to answer your questions on the issues facing kids online. Every teen deserves a cyber safe future and the CyberTribe is ready to answer your questions about cyberbullying, mobile device safety, online privacy and personal data sharing. If your child, like my daughter is not quite yet old enough to be active on social media, educating yourself early is a great start to cyber safety in your home as your child grows in our digital world. Easily submit the online form to ask the CyberTribe your questions.


After you’ve submitted your question, enter to win one of three iPad minis and $500 to the local Boys & Girls Club of your choice. Giveaway ends June 30, 2014.


While exploring the BGCA Cyber Safe Site, take the CyberSmart parent quiz to see how much you currently know about cyber safety. 

What will you be asking the CyberTribe about cyber safety?

If you know of a child involved in cyberbullying, reach out to the CyberTipline® for assistance. The Congressionally-mandated CyberTipline is for reporting online crimes like cyberbullying and cyberstalking against children.

Learn more about the Boys & Girls Clubs of America by connecting with them on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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  1. Great post! I participated in the same campaign and learned a lot (good thing since I have two teenagers!).


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