Cute Chubby Baby Feet

There’s something about chubby baby feet that are just so cute.  I love baby feet!  It makes me feel all giddy thinking about just how cute my daughter’s chubby little feet were when she was little.  I can remember how excited I was the first time I painted her toenails.  I loved picking out cute little shoes to match all her clothes well before she was walking.  Some of my favorite baby pictures of my daughter were taken at only six months old with bare feet. 

photography by Serenity Pictures 2009
photography by Serenity Pictures 2009
photography by Serenity Pictures 2009
photography by Serenity Pictures 2009

We all know there are so many cute shoe options out there for baby girls.  I could literally spend hours looking at frilly baby shoes.

Collective Creations Grey and Pink Baby Shoes
Stellas Design Zoe Baby Sandals
Baby Blush Boutique Damask Baby Shoes

Although my daughter is only three years old, there are only a few times I can remember thinking she was no longer a baby.  Perhaps the first time was when I realized she could fully dress herself with out my help.  The second time was when she happily waived goodbye to me as I left her at preschool.  The third and most recent was this week when I bought her new shoes.  She was very excited to jump around in her Stride Rite’s and show me how well they fit.  Sadly I realized, her cute chubby little feet had turned into big girl feet.

Stride Rite Saucony Girls Cohesion, photo by Stride Rite

When did you realize your baby was a big girl?

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