Easy Chocolate Cupcake Toppers with the Chocolate Pen

My seven year old daughter loves to help in the kitchen. Especially so when it involves baking and decorating. Some of our favorite parties have included her baking ideas. The mind of a child has no creative boundaries except when mommy can’t help put those plans in action. This week we received the Chocolate Pen and while my daughter thought it was the greatest kitchen gadget we ever received by mail, my eyes lit up too because we finally had a solution for her creative expression. The Chocolate Pen easily transforms chocolate with a tool perfect for little hands. The chocolate cupcake toppers my daughter made are creations I could pass off as my own and she already has big plans for our next parties. 


The Chocolate Pen can be used for making toppers, decorating directly on baked goods, and filling candy molds. The package arrived with various chocolate colors, molds, and the plastic tips to use with the pen.


Assembling the pen with your preferred chocolate is easy but not a task to be left without adult supervision. Watch how to set up the pen prior to use of the product. We did find it challenging to close the clamp but realized it’s not necessary when securing the pen. Some other reviews I read online also noted this challenge. 


When turned on, the pen has a button to apply pressure to the chocolate. The chocolate slowly flows from the pen as the button is pressed. My daughter experimented quite a bit before she was able to intentionally create a design. She also found it helpful to draw a design to trace placed under parchment paper.


It was a cool Arizona winter day so we were outside on our patio using the Chocolate Pen. We did not need to place the chocolate designs in the refrigerator to harden as it only took a few minutes for them to peel from the parchment paper. My daughter made hearts, stars, and wrote her name many times.


By the time she started using the next color she was quite skilled. Earlier in the day we had visited Sprinkles Cupcakes. It’s not often you’ll find such pretty baked treats in our home so it was a perfect day to use our new Chocolate Pen.




What is the first thing you’ll make with your chocolate pen? My daughter is looking forward to filling the candy molds tomorrow after hockey practice. 

Learn more about the Chocolate Pen by connecting with Candy Crafter on Instagram.

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