Car Seat Cooler Pad Customization – Bella B Embroidery

I’m really excited to share the newest customization option for your Brie Brie Blooms car seat cooler pad: embroidery by Bella B Embroidery

I love meeting local handmade business owners.  It’s even more fun when you bump into them by accident!  I met Katie at our daughters’ sports class.  Our girls are only a couple of months apart and were instantly drawn to each other.  They quickly started calling each other best friends and couldn’t stop chatting about how much fun they had together in class.  Katie and I also had a great connection and soon realized we were both crafty mommas.  In addition to owning Bella B Embroidery with her husband, she makes gorgeous ceramic jewelry!

She has already embroidered a couple of the car seat cooler pads and I couldn’t be happier with how pretty they look.  She has a selection of over 50 threads and is happy to suggest the best color to match your cooler pad.


If you are interested in purchasing a customized cooler pad, first add the cooler pad to your cart and then add the “add on – customized embroidery” item.  Be sure to include the letter and color preference for your order.

Bella B Embroidery is also a great business to work with for your business or personal embroidery needs!

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